• 26/Sept, 2018

Easy way to install a ceiling fan: Ceiling fan connection and wiring

The ceiling fan is one of the most common household appliances. In fact, the number of fans used in a household is equal to, or more than the number of rooms in a home. Larger rooms, of course, need more than one fan. Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily install this extremely popular household appliance ourselves? Yes, it is possible with a few step-by-step instructions. Most flats, apartments or houses already include the power connection to install a ceiling fan. If the provision is not already available, have an electrician do this for you. Below are the steps that one can easily follow while installing a ceiling fan.

Safety First

We must keep ourselves safe and safeguard our property. Start by shutting the power off at the circuit breaker. Make sure all electrical components like wires, switches and even the ceiling fan are of a certified quality. The Finolex Wires and Cables are renowned for delivering great value and performance while enhancing safety and efficiency. Take time to read through the manufacturer’s instructions, safety tips, and warnings, if any. Do remember, 7 feet is the minimum distance you need to maintain from the ceiling fan blades to the floor, so plan accordingly.

Keep your tool-kit handy

Ensure, required tools like the drill, ladder, pliers, screwdriver, voltage tester, insulating tape, etc. are readily available. Choose the installation site to provide optimal airflow. Use a downrod in case of a very high ceiling. Also, ensure that the location of the installation is not damaged or cracked.

Fan hook installation

Install the fan hook using the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure, whichever design of the hook you choose it should be of high quality and corrosion-resistant. Pay special attention to ensure that the fan hook is the right fit for the fan as well as the structure of your ceiling.

Assemble the ceiling fan

You can assemble the fan even earlier. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This step simply includes mounting each blade bracket to a fan blade and then to the fan motor. You would then connect the wires according to the given instructions, from the motor to the canopy and the downrod.

Attaching the fan to the hook

Now we are coming to the final phase of the ceiling fan installation. For this step it would really be helpful to have an extra pair of hands. You would need someone to lift the assembled fan towards the ceiling hook while you slide the mounting bracket to the hook. Then slide the nut to the knockout hole and fasten the bolt. Refer to the manual and join the wires. Secure the wire connections with electrical tape. Move the canopy towards the ceiling while tucking in the wires and securing it in place with the given screw.


Test the fan

Switch the fan on. In case it is working but wobbling, switch it off and adjust the fan level. You can do this gently by moving the fan, so it hangs at the right level from the hook. Switch on to check once again and also check that all the regulator speeds are functioning as required.

Now relax under the cool breeze of your recently installed fan. Remember, if you do have the electricals already in place, the ceiling fan installation is rather simple. Check out the ceiling fan range available at Finolex. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes catering to your specific needs.

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