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A water heater is one of the essential home appliances. It not only heats water for your bathing needs but also for other purposes such as washing utensils, cooking food and much more. Even though they have a good lifespan, they can occasionally encounter specific problems which are solvable.  One such problem is water heater tripping. This can be justified for many reasons, and the solution depends on the cause. Let us see a few common causes for tripping of the water heater:

The Thermostat  

The task of the thermostat is to monitor the water temperature in the tank and to shut down the heating element when the temperature is reached. But when a thermostat goes wrong, it gets stuck at times and fails to turn off the element it serves. It can force the heater to run continuously and overheat the water. If it becomes faulty, it is crucial to replace the thermostat, primarily when the circuit breaker is triggered.

The Heating element

The heating elements of a water heater can have issues with age. Sometimes a heating element creates an electrical short which allows it to receive power even after the thermostat is shut down. This means that the heating element still works and that the water temperature continues to increase and the reset button is triggered.

When the heating elements fail, they burn out, and the best way to confirm this is to see that the water is not as hot as it used to be. The only solution is to replace the entire heating element.

The Electrical connections

Loose connections are always hazardous. The high resistance of a loose wire generates considerable heat, which can ultimately cause a fire. If your thermostat and heating elements work correctly, then a lousy wiring connection might be the problem. The heat generation from the loose wire can cause the switch to trip.

The Reset Button is bad

Like all parts of the water heater, the reset button eventually suffers from wear and tear. This can affect the performance and cause the breaker to trip irrespective of the temperature of the water. As the reset button is a part of the thermostat, you will need professional help to replace it.

The Leaks

Water dripping on electrical lines is one the most common reasons for the water heaters main switch tripping. Any leak that allows the water to drip on electrical parts or components of the water heater can be dangerous. This leak can be caused by a collapsing gasket which needs to be repaired.

You can stop the reset button from tripping overall at times, but some problems cannot be solved with professional help. Once the problem is diagnosed, call an electrician or a plumber as needed. A professional can test your water heater and repair it as well.

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