• 18 /May, 2018

Five Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting the Right Switch

Going to an electrical store to buy a switch is not just another shopping trip. There is a lot more to choosing the right switch for your home other than its appearance and colour and how well it blends with your interiors. Here are five useful tips to keep in mind when buying a new switch for your home:

1. What type of a switch : It is essential to first decide what type of a switch you want for your home. Whether conventional or modular. Since conventional switches have gradually become obsolete, it is best to choose modular ones.

2. Current rating : The next important factor is the current rating of the switch. You must understand your requirement and application of the switch before purchase. There are different ratings like:

6A/10A – for lights and fans

16A/20A – heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler etc.

25A/32A – heavy appliances like geysers, air-conditioners, etc.

3. Safety : You must ensure that the switches are made of fire retardant material. The sockets must be shuttered to avoid any accidental exposure of children to electrical current. This can be ensured by checking for a genuine ISI mark on the switch.

4. Longevity : Good quality modular switches are generally known to have longer lifespan than ordinary ones. Most of the switches have a lifespan of more than 2,00,000 clicks that can last you a lifetime.

5. Ease of use : Ergonomic switches that make less noise and while turning on and off and which require less effort while pressing are always preferable.

Good quality modular switches generally have all the above qualities and more. It is always best to select from reliable brands that have guaranteed products.

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