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The electrical system plays a vital role in our day to day life, and the entire system needs to be maintained in a good condition for the safety of the dwellers as well as for the home. Faulty electrical wirings, can be dangerous and must be taken care of by a professional electrician. They should be replaced at the earliest if they show any signs of malfunction to prevent any hazards. A well-maintained electrical system lasts longer and also gives a peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.

Few tips that will help you maintain your home electrical wiring.

Routine Check

Having a regular check on your electrical system is essential similar like of personal health. A routine check on your power outlets and wirings can be helpful, and you can do this by yourself without an assistant’s help.  A good check on your electrical system twice a year can help you acknowledge a potential problem before it is too late. Earlier the issue is known, easier it gets to resolve the problem, and avoid risks due to failure.

Mixing of Water and Electricity should be avoided/p>

This comes across as common sense, but yet you will find cases of electric shocks at home. The reason could be cleaning of appliances by wiping or washing with water. One needs to unplug the appliances before doing so. Another way to avoid these mishaps can be by keeping appliances like hair dryers, electric shavers away from the water sources like bathroom sinks. Sockets should be placed away from showers and other areas having wetness due to water. A constant check of wiring is required of these areas. Also, avoid multitasking with things like hair straightener and washing of hands. If you witness any current hit when you touch a gadget or pipe, it is time to call for a professional help.

Use Branded and certificate products

With the options available in the market today, it is a common human tendency to get lured towards low – cost products. But, considering the same behavior towards wiring outlets can be risky and life threatening, and it cannot be a place to act economically. Selecting the recommended and certified parts / equipment is ideal. This is because certified parts are thoroughly tested for all its parameters and performance indices to ensure that they do not pose a safety risk when used. Hence, ensure that the replacement products used are certified which will help in keeping you safe and also increase the lifespan of the electrical system.

Avoid Overloading

Overloading is one the most common problems found with home electrical systems. It is important to act smart when it comes to how to use gadgets. Knowing how much power your appliances utilize and how much power your outlet provides is essential and can help avoid mishaps. Kitchen appliances should have outlets of their own as they consume a lot of power. Plugging in multiple devices into one circuit can overload it and cause a power outage.

Replacing the damaged wiring

Keeping a regular check on your power outlets is essential.  If you notice that outlet cover is warm, it is a sign of danger and usually means there is something wrong with the wiring which has resulted in increase in temperature. If you see any damaged wires, they should be immediately replaced with the help of an well trained electrician. Avoid repairing or covering the wires with tape to cut down purchasing costs.

It is always good to be alert when it comes to the safety of your homes. Purchasing the right electrical and certified wires can make the running of your electrical system smooth. Finolex cables are renowned for their superior quality, safety,  consistent performance accuracy and durability and have been the number one choice in the market for cables since  last  60 years.

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