• 11 /May, 2018

Gayle Hai Toh Safe Hai

Chris Gayle hai, toh team safe hai! This King has proved his worth just like Finolex Cables has proved its promise of safety to all homes. Kings XI Punjab is on a roller coaster ride in IPL 2018 and Chris Gayle will carry the team through for this season. He is at his brutal best this season and everyone knew it when he opened his IPL innings with a smashing 63 off 33 balls. His innings had four sixes and seven fours. Gayle set the ball rolling for KXIP, carrying them to a thrilling 4-run victory in the match against Chennai Super Kings.

If that was not enough, Gayle left everyone spellbound with his first century in only his second IPL innings against Sunrisers Hyderabad. The explosive opener kept every player of the rival team on their toes while he hit 11 sixes in this innings and set the stadium on fire. Everyone watching this West Indian King knew there was no stopping him. Gayle has proved that he is Mr. Dependable, not once, but twice in this IPL season just like Finolex Cables, the official sponsor of Kings XI Punjab is the most dependable for a safe and secure home.

Rival teams, watch out. This tough man is out to smother everyone on the field, knock every player down and lead the Kings team safely to the finals. Finolex Cables are proud sponsors of the Kings XI Punjab and are doubly proud of this King Chris Gayle who has truly given a royal start to the team in this season and has set the home stadiums in Mohali and Chandigarh on fire right from the word ‘Go’.

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