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With a growing portfolio of companies, Finolex continues to enhance product and service offerings to meet divergent customer needs.

Finolex J-Power Systems Ltd

FJPS is a subsidiary of J-Power Systems, for the manufacture and sales of High & Extra High Voltage Power Cables up to 500kV, Accessories, Full Turnkey Installation & Connectorisation of the complete circuit.

Capitalising on the strength of two leaders

In India, Urbanisation is a continuous process. Existing cities are growing and new cities are coming into existence. Hence, there is a growing need to convert the overhead transmission power lines to underground High Voltage (HV) / Extra High Voltage (EHV) Power cables for efficiency in transmission & safety reasons. The investments in power sector and the process of urbanisation translate into a large demand for HV/EHV power cables.
J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS) of Japan (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries of Japan) and Finolex Cables Ltd. established a Joint venture in 2008 to offer complete turnkey solutions in HV/EHV cable systems in India & abroad.

J-Power Systems Corporation finolex
JV - Finolex J-Power Systems Ltd

The JV - Finolex J-Power Systems Ltd. (FJPS) is backed by the technical expertise and R&D of JPS in the area of Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Project Design & Execution and Overseas Sales. Since the inception of FJPS, JPS team in India established production, testing, process & systems aligning with the facilities at JPS, Japan.
The manufacturing facility is well equipped with state-of-the-art VCV (Vertical Continuous Vulcanizing) process to produce HV/EHV XLPE (Cross Linked Poly Ethylene) Insulated Power Cables. Since such power cables are installed in a trunk lines of HV/EHV power transmission grids in the urban areas, extreme quality and reliability is required. FJPS is technically ahead of its competitors, as its parent company is the inventor of EHV cable technology and backed by their five decades of R&D, assures best products and services.
FJPS is based near Pune, in Maharashtra for manufacture and sale of HV/EHV power cables up to 500kV grade. FJPS offers complete services of turnkey installation & connectorisation of the complete circuit along with the supply of Power Cables, Accessories and full turnkey solutions.
FJPS is backed by a strong nationwide sales and branch network of Finolex Cables Ltd.

Finolex Plasson Industries Private Ltd

Who We Are

FINOLEX PLASSON INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. (FPIPL - is a Joint Venture between Finolex Group – India ( and Plasson Ltd. – Israel ( Established in 1992 and based near Pune, FPIPL, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is today a leader in the field of Micro Irrigation in India.

FPIPL offers a wide range of products and solutions in the field of precise irrigation and intensive agriculture cultivation.

Our solutions include complete tailored Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Turn-key projects for all Agriculture sectors such as Row Crops, Horticulture, Green Houses, Plantations, Orchards, Nurseries and more.
FPIPL’s services include Survey, Planning and Design facilities for Drip, Mini & Micro Sprinklers, Foggers, Misters, Fertigation Equipments, HDPE Sprinkler Pipes, etc. for various field crops, horticulture crops, plantations, landscape, Greenhouse and Poly-house Irrigation systems, etc.

Along with its advanced systems, FPIPL also provides comprehensive Agronomic Guidance and Knowledge Transfer Programs on Irrrigation, Fertigation and all parts of cultivation. Our goal is to maximise the user’s benefit from FPIPL’s systems. FPIPL has successfully executed irrigation system over 7,50,000 acres area on various crops.

The Company has over 500 qualified professionals, which include, Surveyors, Application Engineers, Agronomists, Soil Scientists, and Sales Engineers to meet the growing marketing requirement.

FPIPL has a widespread network of over 1,200 distributors all over India for the sales & services of all products and projects.

FPIPL is well-known for its quality products and quality services and is a truly leading micro irrigation, drip irrigation company in India.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of products and solutions in the field of precise irrigation and intensive agriculture cultivation. Our solutions include complete customised drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems and turn-key projects for all agriculture sectors such as row crops, horticulture, green houses, plantations, orchards, nurseries and more.

Our range of services include survey, planning and design facilities for drip, mini & micro sprinklers, foggers, misters, fertigation equipments, HDPE sprinkler pipe sets, filters, PVC ball valves, PVC pipes & fittings, control valves, automation, etc. for various field crops, horticulture crops, plantations, landscape, greenhouse and poly-house irrigation systems.