• 19/ Feb, 2019

HERE’S how you can use a double pole switch as a single pole


A switch is a device used to control the flow of current in an electrical system. A simple switch connects two terminals electrically when a conductor connected to one terminal comes into contact with another terminal. There are two different types of switches: the single pole and the double pole switch.

Double pole light switches, also known as a four-way switch, are two single pole switches put together. Two separate circuits are controlled by one switch. This is typically used to control a circuit from multiple locations in a series of three switches on one circuit. A double pole switch can be used to control light and a fan or 2 lights on separate circuits. It is easy to wire a double pole switch to work as a single pole switch because only one side is used instead of both.


Single pole switch is referred as a single pole, single throw switch. It is a switch that provides a secure connection or disconnection over two terminals. It is commonly used in on/off applications such as switches for light.

A double pole switch is referred as a double pole, single throw switch. It’s just the combination of two SPST switches that are controlled simultaneously by one mechanism.

This is how you can use a double pole switch as a single pole :

Either you can do it yourself or take help of an expert.

Start by shutting off the power of the area you are working on. Test the switch with the voltage tester to ensure that no voltage exists.

Take out the wires in the electrical switch box where the light switch is going to be placed.

Remove the coating from the black wires far enough to make a loop to go around the screws on the switch side.

To twist them together, remove the coating from the white wire. You should have two black wires, two white wires, and two bare wires at this point.

Connect the bare wires and ground wires by twisting them together. Twist one over the other approximately 6 inches from one end. The single wire should be threaded through the grounding connector and screwed tightly on reaching the twisted section.

Twist together the ends of the two white wires and screw the wire nut to the end. Check that no bare wire is visible, if any, cut the end of the wire.

Fold the white wires at the height of the electric box and push them at the back of the box. If done correctly, they should easily rest in the back of the box and take up a small room.

Attach the single protruding bare (ground) wire to the green screw at the bottom of the light switch. You will need to curl the wire slightly with the needle nose pliers, making sure the wire wraps around the screw in a clockwise direction.

Loosen the light switch’s screws on one side. Make sure you don’t just use top or bottom screws. Use one screw in the ” On ” position and one screw in the ” Off ” position on the same side.

Use the same clockwise wrapping technique as the ground wire to attach the black cables to the two screws. Which black wire goes on top or the bottom does not matter.

Push all cables into the box and fold as they go. This ensures that the switch sits on the box correctly and does not exert a lot of pressure from the wires.

Use screws to attach the light switch to the box and put the cover on. Restore power and confirm that your switch is working.

Always check the power yourself before starting the process. If you don’t have a voltage meter, you can switch all the power to the house to make sure. Also, while using a metal box, wrap the electric tape around the switch’s screws; this will help guard against shorts and arcs.

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