• 31/ Jan, 2019

Home electrical repairs that you can try yourself


Working with electricity always has a very daunting approach. Though we are all aware of the safety tips homeowners should know while working with electricity, our first response is to call an electrician even for the smallest of repairs. Here are some electrical repairs that you can try at home.

Replacing a switch

Whether you are changing your light switch to match your home décor or just replacing a faulty one, there is always an option of sparing your electrician and fixing it yourself. The first step to it would be to understand the nomenclature of your light switch. There are different types of light switches that are important in their own way. Few of them are listed below:

  • Double pole switch
  • Single pole switch
  • Dimmer switch
  • Four-way switch
  • Three-way switch

The first step would be to remove the outer case with the screws still on and pull the switch box. The number of wires behind that plastic switch can be intimidating as there may be many important things that you didn’t know about electric wires.

The two wires that are connected to a switch are the incoming hot wire and return wire that takes the electricity to the light fixture.  To change the switch, these wires must be removed. Once you find the switch of your choice, you can attach the wire to the respective slots in the switch body. Once this is done, all that is left to do is to screw the switch body and the switch-board plate back on. Now you have a brand-new switch for your home. For a more durable option, switch to Finolex switches that are tested to last over 1,00,000 clicks.

Changing a socket

There is always a shortage of sockets when you want to charge an electronic device. So, the first step to changing it would be to remove the cover-plate while retaining the screws. After pulling the socket case, there will be a number of wires based on the position of the outlet. They will be placed:

  • At the end of the circuit
  • In the middle with one wire bringing in the power and one taking it to the next switch/outlet

In case of a junction set, one wire will bring in the power and two or more will distribute it. Once these wires are removed, it is important to make sure that the break-off tab connecting the two terminals is broken. Now, attach the new outlet to the wires and push it back into the electrical box. All that is left to do now is to screw the switchboard plate back on.

Fixing a light

Light fixtures today come in all shapes and sizes. However, whatever be the appearance, the wiring is mostly the same. Before installing the fixture to the circuit, the most important thing to bear in mind would be to check if the circuit is dead. Fixing a light fitting is a little bit more challenging than fixing a switch. It has to be held in place until the wiring is complete. After removing the fitting’s base and the bulb, the wire nuts or electric tapes that are on the wires must be removed. Then, hold the new fixture in place and connect the wires to the wire nuts. Screw back the base plate in place, fix a bulb and your home is ready to shine! For optimum brightness use Finolex LED bulbs.

It is essential to have a healthy fear for electricity because that will make sure you are extra careful when you are working with electric appliances. Never forget to turn off the power before you work and use a voltage tester to make sure there is no live wire. Bearing in mind these instructions, grab those pliers and screwdrivers and fix it yourself!

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