• 28/Sept, 2018

How mood lighting can create the right ambience

Mood lighting is the ability to create an atmosphere within an area using lighting. It is often softer lighting that enhances that space and is often used to complement the requirement of a room.

It is similar to stage lighting, where different colour lights are used to change the mood of a scene and the emotion of the audience. Think of a movie scene of an old mansion. A late evening grey sky with green lighting would give the house a sinister look.Yet, this same mansion if it was bathed in bright yellow floodlights for a day scene, it would seem like any other house. The background is the same, but light has played a part in our visual perception.

What is so great and what are the benefits of using mood lighting.  Have you noticed, when the weather is bright and sunny, our disposition is upbeat? However, during rainy and dull winter days, we seem less motivated. That is because our bodies respond to the psychological effects of lighting, and it often changes our moods. Not just natural light, but even indoor lighting likewise, affects our mood.


Let us look at ways to create the right ambience, with the right lighting in different living areas in our homes.

Your home entrance or the hallway should be well lit, but not too bright to be a smooth transition when you come in from the outdoors on a bright day, or a dark night. The living room does well with a cool white toned light which enthuses calmness. You could also include spotlights focussed on walls to highlight frames or artwork and a floor lamp. The dining area would do well to have lowered lighting levels with subdued colours. Warm, soft light is a preferable choice here. A well-placed table lamp on the dining table or side board with a warm candle glow colour would create a softer mood. Your bedroom will do well to have a warm white light placed at lower levels that helps you transition from a busy day to a calm and restful night. Having additional higher placed brighter lights for the morning and day time would be preferable when we awaken and need to be alert. A bed side light and reading light would be apt here. The kitchen should be well lit with lights placed at an elevated level. Bright, over-the-counter work lights, are also a great idea for functionality reasons.


For a home office or office space, dim lighting can cause headaches and eye strain, affecting productivity and leading to fatigue. On the other hand, harsh lights also cause eye strain and may trigger migraine headaches. The best lights to use are ‘daylight’ bulbs which mimic natural lighting.

Lighting a home has come a long way. It is no longer about bringing light into a dark room, but, plays a part in the look and feel of the room, as well as influencing our moods. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. Start imagining and view the range of smart lighting available at Finolex.

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