• 02/Aug, 2018

How Optical Fibre Cables are Essential for Building Smart Cities

For a city to be successful, it needs to be a smart city. There is no one definition to what a smart really is, but one thing we can definitely agree on, the aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology. One such smart technology is a high-speed fibre optic network. The smart city is a rising vision for governments across the world. The promise is straightforward- a connected digital ecosystem across the city allows better management of utilities and services. Optical fibre cables have been an important part of the 21st century infrastructure developments. In a developing country like India, the government is investing on high capacity networks in order to increase access to the internet in rural and non-commercial areas. As a result, the digital initiatives boomed and spread to over 100 cities transforming them into smart cities, which mean fibre cable guarantees economic growth and improved quality of life even in remote areas.

Importance of Optic Fibre Cable Industry

Now the question is “What makes optic fibre cables an important aspect in transforming a city to a smart city?” The answer is its simplicity, cost efficiency, reliability and durability. The very instinctive nature of optic fibre technology is to support the rising data by making networks more reliable and efficient.

In low density rural areas, the optic fibre cables help to bridge the gap by leveraging on the appropriate network channels that would enable the use of mobile, video, voice and data services.

With multiple device usage and better connectivity core elements like farming, municipalities, construction, power, resources and infrastructure in rural and village areas, it would help boost the development, increase funding and investments, and also allow greater economies of scale.

Role of India’s Optic Fibre Industry in Driving Smart and Connected Cities

As per a recent study and budget reports, it has been revealed that India has planned to accelerate high speed broadband networks on optic fibre cables for over 2,50,000 Gram Panchayats by end of this financial year. To make this successful, a very high FTTH/B or fibre to the home/business rate, leading providers of the premium optic fibre cables are doing their bit.

The optic fibre cable industry has been positively impacted by this change and is likely to drive the CAGR of the overall market to 13 percent between the years, 2016-2021, suggest the findings from Report linker.

Upcoming technologies like 5G & IOT are the major growth drivers for optic fibre industry. As of today, only 17% active Indians enjoy higher speed than 4Mbps which makes us stand at 109 th position globally for data speed. For IoT 5G network connectivity is essential. Most of the telecom operators have already launched 4G and pulling their socks in launching 5G.

When we moved from 2G to 3G, BTS (base transmission station-mobile network tower) were required to be placed at every 2KM. And, while moving from 4G to 5G, they are required at every 0.5KM. All these BTS needs to be connected by fibre, which in turn will create need for optic fibre cables.

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