• 30/July, 2018

How to choose the right Speaker wires for your Home Theatre System?

Selecting the best quality speakers for your home is a bit difficult because deciding the better sound quality from various home theatre speakers confuses us. But what we often forget is that the sound of the speaker will only be as good as the quality of the wires run between them. And one needs to do a lot of research work before buying the speaker cable because the better the speaker wire, the better the home theatre sound will be. And to help you all select the best speaker wire, in this article, we will be giving you quick tips to choose the right speaker wire for your home theatre system. Have a look!


Which gauge do you need?

The lesser the gauge number, the better the thickness of the wire. Thick wires like 13 or 14 AWG are recommended for long wire runs, as it yields desirable results and high power applications.


Image Source : modernjb.wordpress.com


What should be the length of the wire?

To figure out how much speaker wire you need, run a string of thread from your receiver or amplifier location to each of the speaker locations. Measure the thread and add a few extra feet to provide some slack for an easier connection.

Desired Sound Quality

For good sound quality, check the conductor and shielding characteristics while choosing the speaker cable. For high-quality sound, the conductor should be made of high purity copper material. The shielding is what blocks interference from adjacent power cords and fluorescent lighting. And for the in-wall installations, shielded speaker cables are recommended in order to protect interference from nearby electrical lines.

While you can select big gauge number (thinner cable) for shorter runs, for high-quality sound systems, it is recommended to use smaller gauge number cables (thick cables). Regardless of the cable run, the thicker gauge with its thicker conductor allows a wider, clearer path for the audio signals to travel steadily and smoothly.

To buy the best quality speaker wires, switch to Finolex speaker cables. Finolex twin parallel type speaker cables are manufactured with multi-wire, bright annealed flexible bare electrolytic grade conductor, insulated with specially-formulated transparent grade PVC compound. These speaker cables offer extra flexibility and hence you will find it very easy to pull through the conduit without damage. For easy identification, one of the cores is marked with red colour strip all along the length of the cable. The distance between the two conductors is maintained consistently for uniform capacitance throughout the length.

Image Source : www.finolex.com

These cables being transparent offer good aesthetic value. These are mainly used in connecting speakers, used in public address systems installed in large residential complexes for clear and distortion-free voice with very low dB loss. Finolex speaker cables are available in 20, 19, 18, 16, 14 and 13 AWG conductor sizes with 100 mtrs coil packaging.

So, these were some of the quick tips by which you can choose the right speaker wire for your home theatre system.

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