• 30/July, 2018

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for your Home?

A water heater is the necessity of every home and is required wherever the water is used. But, in many cases, we see major problems with the water heater within a year. And these problems occur because before buying the water heater we don’t research well or consider the kind of water heater required for our home. Thus, to help you all in this article, we will be giving you basic tips and the way to choose the right water heater for your home.


Type of Water Heaters


1) Conventional storage water heater

Conventional storage water heaters are the most popular water heaters. These water heaters maintain and reserve hot water and you can use it anytime you turn on the tap. These water heaters are very convenient to use, but they consume more electricity than other types of water heaters as it needs to heat the water constantly to make the water hot for a long time.

2) Instant water heaters

An instant water heater only heats the water when the tap is turned on. As soon as the tap turns on, the cold water travels to the heating element in the water heater and instantly turns hot. This is why these water heaters are called instant water heaters.

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3) Air-water heaters

The air-water heater generates the heat from the air and is extremely efficient as it consumes less electricity. You can save up to 60% of electricity by using air-water heaters.

4) Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are very energy-efficient as they rely on energy from the sun. But, the installation of solar water heaters is very expensive and may not be affordable for many people. Thus, using Solar water heaters is a better idea.


Things you should consider before buying a Water Heater


1) Tank vs Tankless

Tank water heaters come in 2 variants, i.e. gas and electric. They are insulated and keeps the inner water warm. Also, it has a thermostat to control the temperature. Tankless water heaters are convenient and energy-efficient and provides endless hot water supply. It does not store heated water, but rather heats water only during the time it is needed.

2) Energy efficiency

For cost-saving on electricity and maximum use of energy, you need an energy-efficient water heater. Buying an energy-efficient product can reduce your electricity bill by up to 60%.

3) Size / Storage capacity

The size of the water heater must be chosen according to the total number of members in the family. The size of the water heater determines the storage capacity of the water heater and for a steady hot water flow for all the family members, the water heater capacity is important to check.

4) Design preferences

There are many water heaters in the market, but you have to select the one that suits your space and choice. The size, shape and design vary and you have unlimited options to choose. Check designer water heaters HERE.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com

5) Warranty

Many brands offer different warranty periods for their products and at Finolex you can get a warranty of 5 years on tank and 2 years on rest of the components against any manufacturing defects.

6) Budget

Before buying a water heater, it is good to have an idea of the estimated annual operating cost and maintenance. Compare different water heaters as per quality, budget, and features to select the best one.

After doing all the research given above, you are ready to buy the right water heater for your home.

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