• 27/July, 2018

How to make your home shockproof for kids?

In our daily routine, we spend our entire day around electrical products. Whether it is lights, cables, wires or switchboards, everything is related to electricity in a way. Electrical appliances are now our necessity to use. But, when you live in a house with kids, you need to be more cautious about the surroundings. You need to manage the electrical appliances in a way that it does not come within the reach of kids. Because even a single second of negligence can cause fatal consequences. Thus, a house needs to be shockproof for kids. And in this article, we will be giving you a few tips to make your home shockproof for kids.

Ways to make your home shockproof for kids

1. Cover all the switchboards or install a shutter safe socket

2. Ensure that all wires are properly insulated

3. Keep wires away from child’s reach

4. Supervise kids by yourself or install CCTV camera for supervision

Cover all the switchboards or install a shutter safe socket

There are 3 ways to cover the switchboards for the safety of your kids:

1. Use duct tape

2. Use masking tape

3. Install shutter safe sockets

You can use a duct tape to prevent your child getting a shock or use a shutter cap for switchboards so that you only plugin appliances cord whenever it is required.

Except, duct tape, you can also use masking tape which is considered to be a better choice than duct tape, as in comparison to duct tapes, you can peel it off easily without leaving any residue. The only problem with these tapes is that you need to unplug them every time to lug in the cord, but at least it makes your home safe for your kids.

Installing shutter safe sockets is the best option to go for as you don’t need to put a tape on the switchboard and peel it every time while plugging the cord.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com


Ensure that all wires are properly insulated

The wires used at home should be properly insulated for the safety of kids. Traditionally, rubber and polymer were used in insulation of a wire, but nowadays some companies have started using halogen to insulate wires, but as halogen is a flammable gas and can catch fire easily, it is a big risk to use these wires at home. Thus, you should use a wire that is halogen protected, and these halogard wires are easily available at Finolex. These wires are highly recommended to install in high-rise buildings as more people live in the building and thus the highest standard of safety is required. You can also insulate the wires with PVC coating that also works well.

Image Source : estore.finolex.com


Tuck wires away from child’s reach

One of the simplest ways to keep wires away from child’s reach is to tuck the wires on the walls or at the back of furniture. To tuck up the wires, you use cable pins that makes the wire work look neat. Also, the best way to keep the wires away from kids is by hiding the wire with the help of batten which you can, later on, paint with a colour that matches your wall colour to give your home a cleaner look.

Supervise kids by yourself or install CCTV camera for supervision

Supervision is one important way to take care of your kids and preventing them from getting injured by an electric shock. However, even the most attentive parent cannot have an eye on their kid all the time and doing so is a big task. For that, you can install CCTV cameras in your home that can help you keep an eye on your kids whenever you are not around. But when we talk about installing CCTV, we need to keep a check on CCTV cable before buying. The better the CCTV cable, the better will be the clarity of the footage.

So, this is how you can make your home shockproof for kids.

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