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There is no doubt that a safe workplace ensures a safe workforce – and the one aspect that plays a big role in safety at work is the use of right electrical switches. This is especially true when you are dealing with a small workspace where the switches are used frequently and over long working hours. While there are a plethora of elements that come to play in choosing electrical switches, read on for the most prominent factors you need to keep in mind to design a small office.

The type of switch

From switches exclusively designed for machinery to aesthetically pleasing ones that complement your office decor, there is a multitude of types to choose from for a small workspace. Mentioned below are some of the common types of electrical switches that strike the right balance between functionality and practicality.

Toggle Switches

Not only are toggle switches unique but they are also user-friendly because they have only one output and input. An electrical circuit is opened and closed when the switch is moved back and forth. The easy-to-use nature of this switch makes it ideal for workspaces, especially due to the simple mechanism it offers. These type of switches are also used in certain types of machinery and electronic planes.

Multi-Location Switch

Multi-location switches add value to small workspaces as they can be installed in many locations at the same time with multiple access points. This type of switch is an interconnection between two or more electrical switches. They are ideal for hallways or open spaces and add to safety and convenience. In fact, they are the most preferred choice for small workspaces because if one component fails the other switch can be used to control the fixture.

Double-Pole Switches

Unlike single-pole switches which can only break the connection between terminals for a single fixture, double-pole switches are used to control two fixtures. This type of switch is ideal for a small workspace because it can control two fixtures without having the need to install a separate box for each fixture. Additionally, the fixtures are mechanically operated by the same button making it easy to install, operate and replace if necessary. The usability of double-pole switches is what makes them a good choice for small organisations where two fixtures can be operated at the same time.


Functionality is a key factor to be kept in mind while picking the right electrical switches for a small workspace. It is essential for longevity, considering the use of the electrical switches. Switches are considered to be an investment, which is why it is important to ensure good quality and usability. The quality of the component will ensure it doesn’t break with regular use. It is a good idea to look for the mechanism of “Soft Switching” while picking electical switches. This type of switch has a soft operation with effortless clicks. This working mechanism is ideal for office use because it does not require too much effort or pressing hard while clicking the switches. This makes operating the switch smooth and quiet.

The Smart factor

Smart electrical switches offer added functionality with features like sensors, dimmer knobs, scheduling and app control. Sensors come handy in the workspace because they can detect movement and adjust accordingly. This is useful to cut down on electricity bills, especially at times when people forget to turn off the lights. Furthermore, app-based controls are possible with smart switches. This adds functionality by giving access to remotely control a switch.

Electricity Consumption

Scheduling is a great way to save on electricity. By scheduling, the current supply to the switch can be cut off after a particular time. This comes in handy when charging items as the switch can be scheduled so that the electronic device is not overcharged. Overcharging can destroy the batteries of devices and lead to electrical hazards at your workplace. The remote based functionality also helps in saving electricity, wherein the app can turn off the switch when not in use.

Affordability and durability

Setting up a workspace is a costly affair with various expenses. All expenses will need to be covered within a specific budget. The right electrical switches must be bought keeping in mind the budget while ensuring quality. The usage of the commercial electrical switches will be higher than that of households which is why build quality must be taken into account while investing money into the fixtures. The components must be durable and be able to withstand heavy usage. The replacement parts of the component must be easily available if the need to replace arises. Additionally, make sure the replacement parts are budget-friendly to keep expenses under control.


Aesthetics is important for the workspace to look good and adds to the overall appeal of the interiors. A switchboard is a component that houses switches and plugs. They are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a combination of plugs and switches. A sleek looking switchboard mounting increases the appeal of the switches giving a more upmarket feel. Opt for sleek switch plates that can be wall-mounted. This helps in freeing up some space while also adding to the overall appearance.


Safety is of utmost priority when it comes to anything related to electricity. Today’s smart electrical switches are purpose-built keeping safety as the top concern. Opt for electrical switches that are equipped with safety shutter sockets. The shutter sockets close automatically when the socket is not in use. This prevents anyone from getting an electric shock when plugging in a device. The mechanism also helps in holding the plug in place when connected to the socket, reducing the risk of a sudden loss in power supply which affects the productivity of employees in the office. These switches can be used to supply power to items used in a workspace like laptops chargers, mobile phone chargers, projectors, printers, etc. A workspace is a place where people spend most of their time which is why it is essential to make sure that the office space is well equipped. This, in turn, ensures the safety of your employees. Planning to upgrade your office with the best electrical switches in town? Whether you are a start-up or a well-estabilished firm, head out to Finolex today and choose from a wide variety of switches and electrical components for commercial spaces.

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