• 28/Sept, 2018

How to save electricity and create the right ambience with the help of LED Lights

LEDs – efficient and power-saving lighting for a perfect ambience

Light Emitting Diode or popularly known as LED is the latest technology in energy-efficient lighting. It is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current is passed through it. LEDs are becoming increasingly popular and are being used extensively from cell phones to large advertising display boards.

LEDs have been a work-in-progress for over one hundred years and have had multiple people who have contributed to its scientific advancements that gradually paved the way for LEDs as we know them today. In 1964, IBM used LEDs for the first time on the circuit board in early computers. It was only in 2002, white LEDs for residential use became commercially available.

 LEDs score over traditional lighting in multiple ways. They are miniature in size, lightweight and available in dazzling colours. Their response is super quick,only about 10 nanoseconds, and they do not get heated up. An LED’s lifespan is much longer.Best of all, they are super energy-efficient, using approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting. This would translate into significant savings on your power bills.


It is no wonder that LEDs are replacing the incandescent bulbs for street lighting and other commercial applications. They are also being extensively used in homes. But can you get the same lighting effect or ambience with LEDs? It is possible, and the options are many. You need to pay attention to the lumen, a measure of brightness, and Kelvin, a measure of colour temperature in lighting.Higher the lumens, brighter the light. Lower Kelvin numbers mean more yellow light, and higher Kelvin number, whiter or bluer light. The scale available can be defined as‘Soft White’ or yellowish range, similar to the standard colour for the incandescent bulbs.  This is an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms or highlighting dark outdoor areas. Then you have the ‘Warm White’which falls between the yellowish and white ranges.Perfect for kitchens, work spaces, and bathrooms. You then have the ‘Bright White’, between the white and blue ranges. It works best in kitchens and bathroom fixtures. And finally, the ‘Daylight’, the blue range, perfect for bedside reading besides other commercial applications.

Dimmers greatly contribute to the light ambience of a room and are great for instantly changing the mood of a room.Smart lighting is the new in-thing in LEDs. They can be controlled via a remote. You can change colours, adjust the colour temperature as well as dim or brighten the room.

LEDs are available in different designs for unique uses. From the candle and globe bulbs to the flat tubes which are the best fit for households. Experiment with the Christmas or fairy lights,and strip lights to add fun and creativity to your lighting. Spotlights and track lights are best to highlight a particular area, like an artwork on a wall or a sculpture.

While choosing LEDs for your home, choose a bulb design to suit the room and lighting requirement. Then make a choice for brightness by choosing the appropriate lumen and finally the Kelvin, the colour temperature. You can have a combination of lights in each room so as to change the ambience, the way you like it.

It is time we changed over to the eco-friendly LEDs. Finolex range in LEDs is exactly what you should be looking for.

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