• 28/ Dec, 2018

LED light decoration ideas for flawless dressing room selfies


Have you ever wondered how improper lighting can immediately bring down the quality of your photograph? While finding ways to enhance the mood and setting of your home, most often individuals tend to focus on wall paints and home décor, neglecting the importance of lights in transforming their rooms into a heavenly abode. Due to the presence of innovative precision lighting features in LED lights, it not only brightens your dressing table but also creates an unparalleled ambience for your selfies. Here’s a list of attractive LED light decoration ideas which can be easily implemented to capture flawless dressing room selfies for your news feed.

Purple Lights

Pick purple lights if you wish to create a swanky atmosphere by your dressing table. These LED lights are versatile in terms of adding hues of colours across your vanity corner. There are no specific locations to fit in purple lights as they are extremely flexible in nature.

Indirect lighting

This is one of the commonly used light decoration idea in your home.  In this form of lighting, a cool white glow is emitted from two more LED lights surrounding your vanity corner. A magical effect is created due to the scattering of light.  In this case, LED strips are more effective than LED light bulbs.

Warm tone lights

If you wish to have a scenic vibe in your photograph, then LED table lamps would be the best choice.  The golden colour of the LED lamp light can create a picture-perfect ambience like that of a sunset. These are one of the stylish contemporary light decoration ideas which you easily implement in your home.

Pendant Lights

LED pendant light can make your look cool and chic with the help of a single source of the light. The most striking feature of this LED lighting is that it has the ability to highlight the beautiful features of your home décor. It is also one of the most cost-effective light decoration ideas as a single light source can produce an enormous amount of light.

Golden parallel lights

LED light strips are installed across the walls in such a way that they are parallel to each other.  These LED strips emit a strong golden glow which is extremely ideal for early morning and evening lighting. They also employ the mechanism of scattered lighting, preventing the natural light from overpowering the room. So, if you want to make your selfies look chic and posh, then golden parallel lights will be the best choice.

Vaulted light

These are one of the most innovative light decoration ideas for your pictures. Vaulted light fixtures are installed across the ceiling so as to create lighting tunnels of different colours.  Vaulted LED lights also create an impressive cascading effect adjusting the level of brightness throughout the room.

Sparkle hanging lights

Very classy yet glitzy, you must incorporate sparkle hanging lights if you like all things shiny.  Your selfies will feature a party vibe as there is so much of sparkle in the room. These can be easily installed by hanging LED light bulbs and battens across the walls and ceilings. These are one of the trendiest light decoration ideas for your home if you want something unique and exquisite.

Fairy string lights

This is one of the most vibrant and easiest light decoration ideas that you can employ for your dressing table. The series of string lights attached across the table resemble twinkling stars in the sky. In order to create lights of different textures, you can also combine beautiful paper lanterns along with these string lights.

Do you prefer exquisite light decoration ideas or are you a minimalist person? The above list has everything covered. You can make your dressing table look more unique and personal by intermingling various styles mentioned above.

LED lighting have an enormous power to create a striking ambience irrespective of the size of the space. Also, they are extremely user-friendly and cost-effective. If you are looking for an exclusive range of high-quality lights, then check out Finolex LED lights.


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