LED Lighting Trends For 2020

It is not only a new year but a new decade. The modern home and how people live is constantly evolving. Lighting today is a matter of interior design, illumination, productivity, environment and pricing. The successful transition to LEDs has seen light ambience ranging from warm to cool, from ideal working light to atmospheric candlelight. Many of the new installations will be powered using smart lighting solutions that can adjust their colours and brightness. Office spaces, homes, factories, etc. will embrace different directions in 2020. So if you are redecorating this year, read on the lighting trends of 2020.

1. Better Light Quality

More and more studies are pointing to how the right lighting can have a positive effect on productivity. Traditional workplaces, co-working spaces, and private offices have all understood the need for proper lighting. This has spurred a massive change in how everyone chooses lights. Even in industrial applications such as factories, manufacturing of automobiles, or lighting laboratories & indoor farms, the light used is an important aspect that affects the final product. Designers are all looking for better lighting. Luminosity, energy efficiency, durability, consistency, control & hues have all earned LEDs the top spot in the minds of consumers.

2. Newer Styles

As incandescent bulbs get replaced by LEDs, a lot of unique styles are going to go away. But innovations are going to see several new styles pop up. Retro looks will be one of the main trends that light makers will adapt LEDs to. Flame LEDs will also make an appearance. They will look like flames but still be LEDs. Innovative uses of LEDs such as with steam to look like actual fire will also bring about new styles.

3. Smart Leds

Homes will increasingly start installing smart LED lights bulbs. These will come with a variety of connected solutions that one can control with just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet while taking on any colour of the rainbow – a truly fun way to add atmosphere to any home. Some smart LEDs already connecting with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, or Google Assistant, to control home lighting with voice commands, making it really convenient. In the coming years, consumers will be able to integrate LEDs with security cameras, thermostats, and other smart home devices too.

4. The LEDs Will Stay Best

The LED revolution will continue through 2020 and will see a lot of older lights being replaced. Everything from incandescent bulbs to tube lights are being phased out in favour of LEDs. While the initial cost of an LED is higher than other options, the running costs & replacement costs are very low. This has always been the upside of LED lights and is why they’ve gained popularity over the last few years. So, what has changed? Because of the growing popularity of LEDs as well as improvements in technology, it has led to the costs of LEDs being lowered. This is great news and will help more people switch over to LEDs faster. At the same time, the wide-ranging use of LEDs and the vast design & size option available are leading to LEDs being introduced in more applications. The future of LEDs is bright.

5. Lighting Concepts

Have you come across more lights as the main part of a restaurant’s decor? Or have you seen subtle accents lending a great vibe to the room? Various lighting trends are going to be a major part of the interior decor of many establishments. Accent Lights through coloured LEDs will be one of the main trends that mark 2020. Even non-lighting design themes will benefit greatly through the smart use of LEDs.

6. Lighting For Unconventional Spaces

Offices and homes alike are all making use of otherwise wasted spaces. The little portion under the stairs, the corner between rooms, or the bunk bed that’s a closet too, are all being put to use in innovative manners. Appropriate lighting is a must for any of these instances and we will see people come up with innovative means of lighting up such spaces. Sconces, hidden strips, and more could all be a part of such rooms. Rooms that can be converted for multiple uses would also benefit from these interesting trends.

7. Natural Tones

A lot of lighting is really out of place but that is set to change in the year to come. We will see small changes to the designs of the actual lights but there will be a conscious move to add wood or metal housing and fixtures to the interior decor. Rocks, plants, and many more finishes could be used to lend a more natural and calming feel to a room. And it’s not just the external designs or housing. Dimmer lights, natural lighting, and nature-inspired colours will all help lend a more natural look to a room.

8. Natural Lighting

In workspaces around the world workers prefer natural lighting. It helps keep up a positive mood and provides an ample amount of light needed to get work done. But in most places, you’d be lucky to even have a small window today. With a lack of space, air-conditioned interiors, and external blockages, it becomes difficult to get natural light in every office space. Fortunately, that’s changed a lot with a little help from artificial lighting. Lights in the last few years have been made to mimic the qualities of natural lighting. This comes a long way from the harsh whites of a regular tube light or the dull yellow of an old incandescent bulb. Today LEDs allow you to create natural lighting tones which can help set a positive working atmosphere.

9. Indoor Gardens

We’re adding greenery to our spaces indoors and small potted plants or hanging gardens are a major part of it. Keeping this up will require appropriate lighting. Focussed lights are a great way to provide just the right amount of light for indoor plants while not letting it spill over to the rest of the room. In some spaces, the entire room could be lit up to be more in tune with nature. How can you be a part of this change? Head to https://estore.finolex.com/ and see which LEDs you can welcome into your home.

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