LED Lights

FinoLED is the brand under which they sell LED lights. It contains clusters of LEDs which is covered by a lens that spreads the light in a wide area.

Finolex LED Lights

Finolex LED Lights


Finolex LED lighting range offeres a wide range of best quality products which are efficient, environment-friendly and long-lasting. Designed to the highest quality specification, the Finolex LED products are ideal for domestic and industrial user as well. The Retrofit bulb-shaped LED in 0.5W Deco is in five colours in various wattage specifications ranging from 3W-12W. Indoor lighting includes LED Flat Panel Down Lighters ranging from 6W-24W and LED Slim tubelight fixture in specifications of 5W, 10W, &18W (Available in 6500K & 3000K). Street lights ranging from 10W – 210W and industrial High Bay Fixtures ranging from 45W – 210W are also available. Finolex LED tubelight fixture available in 5W, 10W & 18W having very high lumen output.


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