• 18 /May, 2018

How Lighting Affects Mood and Increases Productivity:

Have you ever wondered how your mood, desires, concentration and relaxation depends on the flick of a switch? While soft, warm yellow light makes you feel light and relaxed, bright daylight gives you energy that give you the mood to get to work and helps you concentrate. Studies have shown that the lighting in an office largely affects the mood and productivity of employees at work. Lighting does have significant impact on your concentration and productivity. In fact, your entire feeling of health and well-being can be affected by the lights in your office.

Lights and the body:

Research has shown that there is a significant link between Light and the Circardian Rhythms (also known as ‘body clock’) that determine your sleep cycle, stimulation and relaxation. LED lights are mostly used in office settings. That is great because blue light helps to increase attention and concentration and also enhances mood. However, after the sun goes down, the exposure to blue light can disturb sleep cycles after going back home.

Adjustable brightness:

Since different people have different lighting requirements in an office depending on the work they do, it is best to allow lighting to be flexible in the office. For instance, installing dimmer switches on overhead lights or providing desk lamps that can be adjusted to fit each person’s requirement can make the workplace more amicable.

Refreshing sunlight:

Also, it is best to allow a lot of sunlight into the office during the day. It is best to remove the blinds or curtains over one of the windows that allows sunlight to enter the rooms during the day. Natural light is more pleasing to the eyes and helps to reduce strain, headaches, drowsiness and even irritability.

These small changes in the workplace can bring about some pleasantly surprising results.

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