• 28/ Jan, 2019

Most common ceiling fan problems


Ceiling fans are a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping your surroundings cool in the absence of an AC. In a country like India particularly where temperatures range from extremely hot to extremely cold, a ceiling fan can help distribute both hot and cold air and maintain an ideal temperature. However, no matter how beneficial ceiling fans are, everyone has encountered a few common ceiling fan problems. We’ve listed out some recurring issues you may be facing with simple solutions to remedy them.


Flickering light

Ceiling fans with light fixtures have a common problem of flickering. This could simply be a question of if the bulb is fused and needs replacing. However, this is not always the sole cause. Sometimes a flickering bulb in your ceiling fan could mean a loose connection with either the bulb or the fixture. A more severe cause of the flickering could also be voltage fluctuation. Some appliances pull a lot more power than others. For example, if your ceiling fan light starts flickering when you turn on the washing machine, it’s a sure sign of voltage fluctuation. Get in touch with our electrician to help you fix this problem.


Wobbly ceiling fan

Wobbly ceiling fans look they might fall off your ceiling at any moment. Wobbling is a common ceiling fan problem, and there are three main reasons for it – your ceiling fan is either of poor quality, installed incorrectly or has one or more damaged blades. Another reason could be a bent or loose connection. This can occur in the blade brackets, box screws, down rod or any other connected part. Over time and with frequent use, these connections can lose their grip making your ceiling fan wobble whenever you turn it on.


Noisy operation

While it is normal for your fan to make some noise when operating, too much sound is an obvious ceiling fan problem. A loud ceiling fan is another sign of loose connections in either your fan, fixture or box. These loose parts will clank together when your fan rotates creating a loud sound. Another problem could be your fan’s ball bearings. Ball bearings are what rotate your fan’s blades. They need to be adequately cleaned and lubricated to ensure there is no resistance or friction, causing them to create a grinding sound.


Stuck on one speed

If you suffer from ceiling fan speed problems, it more often than not means that your fan works on only one speed when turned on. One reason for this is if your ball bearings have not been cleaned or lubricated. Another reason could be that your fan is defective. Other reasons could also include your motor overheating or a failing capacitator, both of which can cause your fan to operate on one speed only.


Ceiling fan doesn’t turn on

If your ceiling fan stopped working or is not turning on, it could be because it isn’t receiving any electricity. This could be because the circuit breaker has tripped or is off. Check your panel to confirm this. If the circuit breaker works fine, it could be a problem with loose wiring and connections. Your ceiling fan could also stop working due to internal defects namely shot ball bearings or an overheated motor.


If you own a ceiling fan, you would have faced a few of these common ceiling fan problems yourself. You could try attempting these repairs yourself, but it always better to leave things to the professionals. Head over to Finolex for all your electrical appliance needs. You can also check out our blog on things to consider when buying a ceiling fan.

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