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Planning for Switches in Your Kitchen Design just got easy!

The kitchen is a home for various activities like cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, and socialising. That is why it needs to be pleasing and functional. Regardless of how beautiful your kitchen is, its functionality is also an important factor and to use your kitchen to its full potential, you need to have the right switches… at the right spot. But to help you all, here in this article, we will be giving you a guide to plan switches in your kitchen and make it look more beautiful with designer modules and mounting plates.

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Things to consider while renovating your kitchen!

Kitchen layout-In and out

If you have more than one entrance for your kitchen, it’s important to decide where to put the main light switch. Think about how often you use the entrances because lighting up a room before you walk into it is very important.

We’d suggest that you put the main lighting switches at both the entrances for your convenience. This way, you can flip the lights on and off anytime no matter which way you enter… or exit!

We are too lazy to walk all the way to one side of the kitchen just to switch off a light and then walk back in the complete darkness. This problem would be eliminated by using switches at both the entrances.

Lighting different parts of the kitchen

For areas which are not always used, leaving the light on may not be very sensible. Instead, you can have switches for those areas, so you can complete the work there and switch it off.

You can put a switch above the sink. Sink is an area not often used in the kitchen; only when you want to wash the dishes and stuff. Having a light and a switch of its own will be of advantage as you don’t have to switch all the lights on just to wash the dishes.

Also, if you have a bar counter at your kitchen, you can place a light and a dimmer switch. You can also use fancy lighting to make the area look more attractive.

Light switches all together or separate?

We talked about the areas which are not frequently used. But what about those which are important? Would you need to have separate light switches for all the main areas or would you keep all the important switches together?

According to us, lighting the kitchen is very important as we mentioned earlier, therefore, having all the light switches which are frequently used together is a good idea.

Right or left of room entrances?

You may think that having the light switches on right or left side of the entrance may not be a topic of concern. But actually, it is. We’ll show you how.

It all depends on which side the door at your entrance opens. If it opens from right to left, having the switches at the left side of the room might not be a good idea. You’d have to enter the kitchen and then go to the back of the door to switch on the lights.

In such a situation, having the light switch on the right side of the room will solve the problem. You won’t have to go to reach across a door anymore. Just open the door and switch on the lights.

Dimmers – For mood lighting… and much more

This one really doesn’t have to do anything with the placement of lights and switches but dimmers can be really fun!

Having dimmer switches gives you the option to dim the lights when you are just chatting and assembling everything in the kitchen. While doing extensive cooking or chopping, which needs concentration, you can turn the lights up. Also, you can setup different lights for different moods and this is where the dimmer switch play its part.

So, these were a few tips to plan switches in your kitchen.

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