• 18 /May, 2018

Reliability of HT cables:

High voltage current transmission in any large factory or plant or even in a power station is done through High Tension cables. Cables, in comparison to wires are far more reliable and safe because they comprise a core of two or three wires braided, bound or twisted together with a safe mechanical protection made up of aluminium wires. The outer cover, or sheath, is a thick layer of PVC insulation. High Tension (HT) cables have either single or multiple cores that are usually made of high quality copper and aluminium conductors.

High transmission and longevity : The major advantages of these cables is that they have the ability to transmit high voltage current continuously. There are many reliability factors in HT cables for which they are adopted in industrial use,that they have higher short circuit ratings and also have a longer life. Selecting the right type and size of cable for any particular application is important for any electrical project. The performance of all equipment largely depends upon the performance of the cable. The correct choice of cable ensures trouble-free performance and also optimises the cost of equipment, and installation and other operations as well.

High endurance : The best quality HT cables can withstand very high temperatures in an emergency situation. However, this is for a short period of time. The cables can also endure short circuit stresses. This, in turn helps to resist fires. These cables are highly resistant to vibration, moisture, chemical and corrosion and are also flame retardant.

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