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A real bond elucidates true love, respectful relationships and happiness that is shared. A real bond is the link that holds a family together, not just by blood, but with boundless affection and countless memories that can be cherished for years to come. The first-ever real bond is the one with our parents. However, as days are changing, every one of us have succumbed to the busy schedule of urban life and are unable to spend time with our parents. There has been an increasing number of people leaving their parents in old age homes for many reasons. But the fundamental question is, is it virtuous? Although the answer to the question is evident, drawing inspiration and spreading awareness can add to the strength of purpose, which is precisely the aim for Finolex.

Origin of Vithoba at Pandharpur

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Pandudalik, an earnest devotee of Lord Krishna, was once a tyrant who continuously ill-treated his parents. Disappointed by Pandulik’s perfidy, his parents decided to end their lives in Kasi. Pandulik and his wife accompanied his parents on a pilgrimage but continued to be abysmal. In that journey, Pandulik saw a miracle and got a chance to converse with the holy rivers. The incident was life-changing and made Pandulik realise his mistakes. From then on, he took care of his parents like himself. Witnessing this, Lord Krishna was very pleased and visited his ashram. Since Pandulik weighed his service to parents more than anything, Pandulik offered a brick to Lord Krishna for every visit. This is the story behind the origin of the Vithoba temple that stands elegantly in Pandharpur, paving the way for Pandharpur Yatra.

About Pandharpur Yatra

Pandharpur Yatra is a famous pilgrimage in Maharashtra, in which millions of devotees flock together to visit the Lord. People who follow this holy ritual are called waris. Devotees march on foot, sing, chant and dance for the songs in praise of the saints, Dyanba and Tukaram. Waris are impervious to the varying climatic conditions and walk down with profound devotion. The journey usually takes about twenty days, and numerous people join the pilgrim from varied areas and all walks of life. The yatra is a tradition that is being followed for nearly a thousand years. Finolex takes inspiration from the origin of the yatra and truly believes in the cardinal values that are drawn out of the festival.

Relationship is the strength to succeed

Mr K.P.Chabbria and Late Shri P.P.Chabbria are brothers, who came to Pune for a livelihood in their younger years. They started a small electric cable shop that has today grown into a large company leading in the forefront as a reputed firm in the cable industry. Apart from the hard work and sincere efforts, what kept the brothers with the same determination and perseverance, was the relationship that both of them shared. They faced many ups and downs together and but never did the bond between them break. The same strong bond is shared by Mr K.P.Chabbria and his nephew, Mr Deepak Chabbria. The strong relationship that they shared was key to the success of Finolex, becoming the leading manufacturer of cables in India.

Finolex and Pandharpur Yatra

Finolex strongly believes that maintaining a strong bond is extremely important. This value resonates in their work culture where the very definition of a healthy relationship is one that never breaks. Finolex believes that the Pandharpur Yatra is an age-old festival that highlights the significance of the real bond that connects people. It depicts that the Lord himself approves that caring for your parents is more important than being devoted to the Lord. In today’s modern era, where parents are the victims of their children’s ignorant behaviour, the need for spreading the message about strengthening our relationships has grown drastically. Finolex, as a mark of respect to their founders and the inspiring story behind the festival, takes the responsibility of creating awareness. Thus was born the REAL BOND campaign.

Sath Chal – The real bond campaign

Finolex cables supports the Sath Chal campaign – an initiative taken by Sakal media. Together, they stood to create awareness about the unconditional bond of love shared between parents and children. True to the values adhered, Finolex cables launched the campaign to spread the message as a mark of respect to the story behind the Pandharpur yatra. They also provided rest-stops/pit-stops along the route for the people partaking in the activity. The campaign included the participation of many individuals right from the organizers to participants.

During the Pandharpur yatra, Finolex cables launched an explanatory video that went live on social media. People were emotionally connected to the story and messages. The campaign earned a vast audience and played an essential role in making realise the importance of the bond between children and parents. The audience acknowledged the movement by actively contributing to the campaign by sharing, commenting and liking the posts on social media.

A grateful feeling

The completed campaign gave us immense pleasure and satisfaction. Finolex cables are thankful for the almighty, organisers and the participants of the movement. The message about the significance of a real bond has gained the attention of a mass audience. Change is the law of life, and it is better to correct your actions before it is too late. It is wise to change for the better. Finolex cables are happy to have been a driving force for this much-needed change.

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