• 11 /Feb, 2018

How to save electricity bills

As if the summer heat is not enough, skyrocketing electricity bills can also make your head spin. So here are some simple methods of saving electricity at home. If you are a little watchful about how electricity is used or abused in your home, you can make the difference.

1. The evergreen rule of switching off lights and other devices when they are not in use. Switch off lights when you leave a room or unplug devices when they are not in use like mobile phone chargers. Some devices do use electricity even when they are turned off.

2. When you spend a lot of time outdoors, your electricity bill goes down because you reduce the use of electronics at home. When you leave the house, make sure you have turned off all the electronics.

3. Cut down on cooling costs by keeping curtains or blinds closed. That helps to shut out the sun rays from heating up your room.

4. Use fans more than air-conditioners because they help to circulate the air inside the house while you keep the windows open. Try keeping a table fan on the window early in the morning and also keep your ceiling fans on. You will find that it circulates and brings cool air into your room.

5. Use your air-conditioner efficiently by maintaining an optimum temperature of 24 degrees. The lesser the difference between internal and external temperatures, the lesser is your bill. Try switching off the AC at night and early morning.

6. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. LEDs are the need of the hour as they help save electricity to a large extent.

7. Use energy-efficient appliances. When buying appliances or gadgets, it’s important to check their energy consumption to ensure you get lower bills.

8. If you have a house, plant more shady trees on the west and south side of the house as that helps to make it cooler and reduces cooling costs in the long run.

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