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Should you buy an Instant Water Heater for your bathroom?

A common question asked by people about water heaters is, that “Should we buy an instant Water Heater for the bathroom?” and we can completely understand the reason behind this question. Earlier, the conventional storage water heaters were commonly used in bathrooms, and, as with anything new there are apprehensions about installing an instant water heater for the first time.

What is Instant Water Heater?

Instant water heaters are the ones with small water storage capacity (1-3 litres) and a high heating rate. They are “instant” in the actual sense, because of their feature to instantly provide hot water. An instant water heater can give a gallon of hot water in just a minute.

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How is Instant Water Heater different from conventional storage water heaters?

Instant water heaters have a small storage capacity of about 1-3 litres, whereas conventional storage water heaters have more than 3 litres of water storage capacity. Also, the conventional storage water heaters store the water but on the other hand, instant water heaters heat the water just when you need it, which helps in saving energy and yet provides an adequate quantity of warm water.

How much time does an Instant Water Heater take to heat the water and how is the flow of water from taps and showers?

An instant water heater can heat up to 1 litre of water with a 4.5kW heating element in about 20 seconds.

Now, talking about the flow rate of the water from taps and showers, a typical tap has a flow rate of 3 litres per minute and showers have a flow rate of 6 litres per minute on an average. These numbers may vary with a tap or shower type and even with water pressure. Thus, an instant water heater can heat up the adequate amount of water that you require in the bathroom, at least for 1 shower.

Advantages of using Instant Water Heater

• They are cheaper than conventional storage water heaters

• No hot water delays

• Consumes less energy and is perfect for small families

• It can be easily installed in small bathrooms as it is compact and does not damage the aesthetics

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Are Instant Water Heaters really useful for bathing?

Instant water heaters are apt for small families as it provides hot water on demand. There is no wastage of already heated water which  may be left unused, as in the case of storage water heater. Another benefit is its compact size which occupies less space and enhances the aesthetic of the bathroom. Also, it provides hot water instantly, so there is no need to plan in  advance and wait while the water gets heated. Another benefit is energy consumed is lower than the conventional storage water heaters making it a money-saving deal.

Keeping the above-mentioned in mind, if you are a small family, you should definitely go for an instant water heater and enjoy its benefits.

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