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An office is a creative space to brainstorm and come up with innovative solutions. All the aspects of a workspace have to be conducive enough for employees to be productive and full of energy. There are many problems individuals face in their work environment, be it work deadlines or performance pressure. These are unavoidable. But, what if your office is pulling down the enthusiasm levels of your employees due to poor lighting and lack of windows? This can lead to fatal illnesses like migraines and claustrophobia, and take a toll on the aesthetics of your space. Lighting plays a vital role in awakening the interest and mood to work. But when you do not have the charismatic energy of natural sunlight to boost the productivity of your team, it’s a whole different ball game! Read on for effective tips and tricks to light up an office with no windows.

Choose the right wall colours

Pastel colours play a huge role in elevating the productivity levels of employees, making it one of the best office lighting ideas. Create the illusion of natural light by painting the walls with light colours like white, cream, lime green or baby blue. These colours will induce a bright and fresh look in the office as they subtly reflect light from every small source. Bright yellow drives positivity and energises the whole place, making it a good substitute for sunlight. It gives a feeling of natural light around the office. Lime green, on the other hand, is associated with excitement and reassurance while baby blue brings in a sense of peace and tranquillity. The light hue of these shades play a huge role in lighting a dark room that has no windows. You can check out our blog on colour therapy treatment for more.

Add mirrors

Mirrors have the potential to light up any space since they reflect even the dimmest of lights and amplify their effect. It is one of the most effective office lighting solutions. Furthermore, mirrors almost instantly uplift the aesthetics of the room and create a sense of wider space. Upgrade your office interiors by opting for a full mirror from ceiling to floor. You can also opt for strategically placed mirrors that reflect light off one another for added illumination. However, make sure the mirrors are cleaned on a daily basis to get the best out of this office lighting solution. A dirty mirror will give a shoddy appearance to your office which is not the look you should be vouching for.

Fix the right lights

Choosing the right office lighting solutions is important to ensure your employees do not strain their eyes and the overall look and feel of the office is in place. Not having any windows sure is a small setback, but can be fixed with mood lighting. Decide on the type of office lighting ideas you would like to indulge in. This needs to be something that resonates with your brand. For example, if you are young a quirky start-up, opt for eccentric lighting in the form of hanging bulbs with dimmer switches that offer the convenience of increasing and decreasing the intensity of the light. Corporate workspaces, on the other hand, can look for bright and efficient office lighting ideas like LED light fixtures on the ceilings and walls. LED solutions helps in lighting a dark room and offer the added advantage of reducing electricity bills and protecting the environment. You can fix hanging lamps suspended from the ceiling above every cubicle or install desk lamps on each desk. Since these lamps are closer to the work station, they reduce strain on the eyes and improve productivity, while upgrading the ambience. You can also try installing daylight bulbs that mimic the natural light during the day.

Use bright wallpapers

As mentioned above, painting walls in bright colours or pastel shades will brighten the space and add in an illusion of light. However, plain walls are a thing of the past. Amp up the productivity quotient at office with bright wallpaper in vibrant patterns and prints. You can also opt for stunning artwork or quotes in beautiful colours enhances the overall look of the office. Moreover, it inspires employees to work to their potential to bring out the best in them. If you notice, the artwork and wall designs break the monotony of plain colours from the floor to ceiling. Your workspace will also become livelier with these designs.

Resort to hidden lights

In order to give a feeling of natural light shining across the office place, try inserting small lights in places where it can’t be evidently seen. You can choose to add lights in the back of a chair, in one end of a cabin or even in between two beams. Hidden lights are a good alternative to ceiling lights. Nowadays, floor lights are also available that you can fix on the floors at regular distances to mimic the effect of natural light. You could also choose to stick to LED as they are efficient and energy-saving.

Install cove lighting solutions

Cove lights along the ceiling is one of the most effective office lighting solutions when there is no window for natural light. These lights avoid the visual disturbances that other lights may cause, hence making it an ideal ceiling light design for a working environment. Moreover, these lights are pleasing as they are subtle and provide an elegant look of the office. Since cove lights hide the fixture, it creates a feeling that the office is lit by natural light. Although the installation process is intricate and requires a lot of effort, it is worth the effort as it is crucial to establish adequate lighting in an office, especially when it lacks windows.

See through the ceiling

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade! So what if you do not have windows? If your workspace is on the top floor, think out of the box and install a see-through ceiling. This will bring in a whole lot of natural light during the day and gives you a lot of creative freedom to install trendy lights to light up the nights. You can fix horizontal beams with hanging bulbs to add a lot of character to your office space. You can also opt for just a portion of the ceiling being translucent to bring in the light but also keep privacy and security in check. Good light designs are vital to improve the productivity of the workplace and keep it buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. To install the best lights in your office, visit Finolex for premium fittings that light up your world.

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