• 28/Sept, 2018

The difference between MCB’s and MCCB’s no one told you about

The Invaluable Low Voltage Circuit Breakers and their differences

 The invention of electricity is one of the most influential innovations of our modern world. It set off a series of developments which have since shaped and continue to enhance our lives. With all great inventions, there are benefits and risks as well. The risks while using electric power are many, and potential hazards can be devastating. A short circuit could trigger a fire, damage property and people could lose their lives. As with all dangers, there exists a control mechanism to mitigate or eliminate the risks. One such control device is the circuit breaker, an electrical switch which is self-operating and once it detects a fault, interrupts the current. Just as an automobile seat belt and airbag are safety factors while driving, the circuit breaker is a safety measure when using electric power.

Let us understand the most widely and commonly used circuit breakers the MCB and the MCCB.

MCB and the MCCB are similar, both being low voltage circuit breakers created to meet IEC 947 (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. It is important to know their distinct differences. One should not be replaced with the other. Each is made for a specific purpose and function. Let us understand their differences so as to optimise their use.

Starting with what they stand for, MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker, and MCCB is Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. The MCB is the most basic type of circuit breaker mainly used for home wiring or small electronic circuits making them the preferred choice of households. On the other hand, the MCCB is meant for energy-intensive systems and therefore suitable for Commercial and Industrial applications.

The main difference is their capacity, where an MCB can carry a rate of current up to 100 amperes with an operating current range of .5 to 63 amperes. The MCCB can carry a rate of current as high as 2500 amperes with an operating current range of 25 to 630 amperes. While both types are designed with either a thermal or thermo-magnetic trip, the MCCB can additionally possess an electric trip. With an MCB, the trip setting cannot be adjusted.  On the other hand, higher models of MCCB’s come with adjustable trip circuits, giving one far greater flexibility and the best options for high-powered equipment.

The protection offered by an MCB is for over current and short circuits. The MCCB can be additionally designed to respond to earth faults and residual current. Some MCCB units are specially constructed to act as remote-control signals, usually as standby power. There is no possibility for an MCB to be remotely controlled.


If you are one of the few who is still using the erstwhile fuse, it is time to switch to the Miniature Circuit Breaker. Remember, installing circuit breakers is not an option but a basic measure of safety. They should be installed by a professional. Make sure you choose the appropriate MCB or MCCB with the best safety features from a well-reputed company. Check out the Finolex range Here.

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