• 28/Sept, 2018

The Importance of a Water Heater in Your Home

Some ancient civilisations had public communal for heated baths, with a few of them still in existence and in use even today. The earliest public baths were found in the ruins of the Indus Valley civilisation. The Ancient Greeks, the Romans, The British Empire, Japan, Indonesia amongst other countries had public baths.

So, when exactly did water heaters come into existence? It took more than a century and multiple contributors to finally have household water heaters as we know them today. This invention started in 1868, when an English painter Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first residential water heater. It was aptly named ‘geyser’ after the Icelandic gushing hot spring- It used natural gas. However, because of no flue for ventilation of gas vapours, it was unsafe and could not be used in homes. Not much later in 1889, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, Edmund Rudd added safety features, included a storage tank on Maughan’s invention and it was the first automatic gas run water heater. The 1990’s were the golden age for water heaters, where different designs by different inventors were available for domestic use.


Heating water in a pot on the stove or an open fire was the way to get hot water prior to the water heater invention. Then you would have to pour the hot water in a tub for washing or bathing purposes. This kind of water heating process was time-consuming. The invention of the water heater was a major breakthrough in our modern age and is still considered one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Thanks to these inventors and their invention, we have on-demand hot water supply from our faucets.

Today’s water heaters are easy, convenient and safe to use. Once installed, they need to be switched on and within no time hot water would flow from the faucet. It surely beats filling vessels with tap water, heating on a stovetop and then after a considerable amount of time, ferrying the hot water for a bucket bath.

Take advantage of this modern amenity and make your life easy and comfortable. Check out the wide range of water heaters in different sizes, features and styles. Visit the Finolex website and discover the stunning range to suit your individual needs.

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