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Once you shift into a new house, the next step would be getting the lighting right. The idea of everything new tempts you to try out new lighting solutions too, going beyond conventional lighting fixtures. While ‘on’ and ‘off’ switches are standard, dimmer switches are a departure from the norm. Functioning to your needs and requirements, dimmer lighting switches can be easily manoeuvred or changed with the simple touch or rotate of a button or knob. This electrical component can adjust the levels of light reaching your room based on the occasion. Planning to propose to your loved one? Dim the lights to a more romantic tone. Have to work in the middle of the night? Dim the lights to a more lighter tone, one which doesn’t affect your reading but also doesn’t let you over-exert your eyes. It is proven that lighting affects your mood; with dimmer lights, you are bound to be in a good mood always!

One of the many benefits of dimmer switches is the fact that they are a part of modern home lighting solutions and are cost-efficient, too. To understand the right dimmer switches for your home lighting solutions, read on to understand their basic functionalities and choose from various types of dimmer switches available in the market:

Essential functions of dimmer switches:

Different from typical ‘on’ and ‘off’ switches, here you can adjust your lighting according to your needs

Dimmer switches come with features that remember your frequent settings and preset it when you use them again.

You can control your home lighting solutions from multiple locations of the house. With the knob or button, it’s easy to set the lighting for your entire house or a particular space.

Light dimmer switches are convenient and make your lighting needs more easily accessible.

Various types of dimmer switches help in making your interior decor look more aesthetically pleasing. They add a classy feel to rooms and can be adjusted based on the room’s decor and painting/wallpaper.

Dimmer switches can extend the life of light bulbs and use relatively lesser electricity when compared to your typical lighting fixtures.

They are a suitable replacement for night lights and lamps in addition to being perfect for daytime lighting, too.

Understanding the right one for you:

There are different types of dimmer switches available these days, enabled with modern light dimmer circuit and dimmer switch wiring. Most types of dimmer switches use incandescent bulbs, dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs, Magnetic Low Frequency and Electronic Low Frequent bulbs. Few of the commonly used types of dimmer switches are discussed below:

Leading Edge Dimmers: Leading-edge dimmers, as the name suggests, has been around for a while now often used for incandescent and halogen bulbs. They give out a higher wattage and are cheaper to use, wherein they make use of the TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) switch for controlling the power.

LED-Ready Dimmers or Trailing Edge: Such types of dimmer switches, as the name suggests, are made for LED bulbs. They are more compatible, with lower wattages and used typically to dim traditional light bulbs when the wattage tolerances meet. They are relatively better capable compared to Leading Edge Light Dimmer Circuit.

Single Pole Dimmers: Single Pole Dimmer Switches has the light controlled by a single switch. These dimmers control the lights for one location alone.

Three-Way/Four-Way Dimmers: Three or four-way dimmers typically do not contain ‘on’ and ‘off’ markings but help in controlling the light for large spaces or multiple locations without making you go out of your way to work the light. They are compatible with various types of loads, too.

Multi-Location Dimmers: Multi-Location Dimmers allow the dimming of light for more than one location. Depending on the set-up, any device on the light dimmer circuit can control the dimming.

Plug-In Dimmers: Plug-in dimmers are perfect for table and floor lamps, designed in such a way that it is easily accessible in the dark too. All you have to do is plug it between the light fixture and wall socket, place controller in a reachable position and use it whenever necessary.

Control Style Dimmer Switches:

Rotary Dimmers: They are the typical dimmer switches that enable you to control the lighting levels by simply rotating a knob. With the use of the dial/knob, you can adjust the light from dim to brightest. Rotary Dimmer Switches, a popular concept from the 70s and 80s, can have its dimmer switch wiring arranged in such a way that it can control the light from 1-3 locations.

Rotary Dimmers: They are the typical dimmer switches that enable you to control the lighting levels by simply rotating a knob. With the use of the dial/knob, you can adjust the light from dim to brightest. Rotary Dimmer Switches, a popular concept from the 70s and 80s, can have its dimmer switch wiring arranged in such a way that it can control the light from 1-3 locations.

Toggle Dimmers: Toggle Dimmer Switches, as the name suggests, shifts or toggles like the typical standard light switch. However, the level of the light automatically comes back to its previous settings.

Slide Dimmers: Slide Dimmer Switches slide up and down, are easier to manoeuvre and can be preset despite its slide design.

Rocker Dimmers: They are a popular favourite for home lighting solutions. They include a rocker switch that rocks up and down the light until it reaches the desired light level.

Tap Dimmers: These types of dimmer switches are perfect for smart homes, as they are compact and cost-efficient. They include a straightforward touchpad or button, enabling the user to preset their light level. Smart homes always lookout for smart switches and this is one of them.

Benefits of Light Dimmer Circuits:

You save upto 25% of energy when you dim the lights. The lesser the energy used, the lower your electricity costs.

You have complete control over your lights. If you think the light is too much or too little, you can quickly remedy it and be free from any hassle.

Dimmer switches and circuits are perfect for your home, work and school/college. They can be tailor-made for your lighting requirement. The best part is, they are easy to install and you only require an electrician to set it up for you.

When it comes to installing dimmer light switches, ensure that you use the best quality. Understand your lighting requirements before you zero in on the installation, as sometimes, it may not be compatible with your lighting set-up. For good quality and aesthetically pleasing switches, head out to Finolex and fix your home lighting solutions for the better!

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