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Employing the right lighting technique is not only crucial to accentuate the beauty of your interior design, but it is also equally important to highlight the architecture marvel of your exteriors. Using LED light fixtures to highlight the different aspects of your garden or yard is a great way to improve the overall mood lighting of your home. Landscape lighting is the technique that is commonly used to decorate your exteriors. If employed in the right manner, various types of landscape lighting can transform your garden from basic to bling. Before you use LED lighting fixtures in your garden, here a few considerations that you need to take into account:

  • Identify the features that can be highlighted
  • Find the purpose or the function of each feature
  • Decide whether these features require prominence during the day or night

After having a thorough understanding of your landscape features, it’s time to make a lighting plan using different types of landscape decoration techniques. Be it accentuating your trees, highlighting your fountains or decorating a pathway; you can use the following landscape light decoration ideas to get the best out of your garden or yard:


This is an innovative lighting technique that greatly helps in enhancing the beauty of the bushes and trees in your garden. Ideally, up-lighting employs low voltage LED light bulbs that can be used to emphasise the unique features of trees like leaf structure and the shape of the trunk. In case of bushy trees, hanging outdoor LED fixtures 7-10 ft away from the trunk is a great way to focus on the canopy and the branches. Up-lighting is the technique to adopt if you are looking to incorporate ambient lighting to any of your high level structures.https://www.voltlighting.com/article-landscape-lighting-techniques/p/article-lighting-techniques

Silhouette lighting

A silhouetting effect can be created by employing spread lights between various design elements like rocks, sculptures, flower pots and herbs. This is an amazing lighting technique that can be used to create a dramatic effect on innovative design elements in your garden. While employing silhouette lighting, LED lighting fixtures are usually placed behind the structure so that it can be silhouetted against a white background. If you have multiple design elements to highlight, LED batons would be a cost-effective lighting solution.https://www.voltlighting.com/article-landscape-lighting-techniques/p/article-lighting-techniques

Path lighting

Path lighting is an excellent technique to highlight your walkways, driveways and stairways. Otherwise known as step lighting, this landscaping technique doubles up as a safety measure since the LED light bulbs or batons act as a guide for visitors to identify the twists and turns in the pathway. The biggest advantage of employing LED lighting fixtures in your pathways and driveways is that it helps you create an interplay of adventure and romance. This is a great landscape lighting technique that is widely used in parks and resorts.https://www.walmart.com/ip/Best-Choice-Products-Solar-Power-Stainless-Steel-LED-Path-Lights/50760500


Ideally, moonlighting techniques are employed by placing an LED fixture at a high level structure such as a tree. The lights are focused downwards to illuminate a patio or a garden. Using LED strips across the branches and the exterior walls of the building is a great way to create a moonlight effect on your garden. To get the desired results, it is always a good idea to use multiple LED light bulbs in different structures. The cross lighting effect creates attractive shadows on the ground and provides a natural glow to your entire landscape. https://www.imagine-lighting.com/blog/landscape-lighting-techniques-moonlighting

Wall lighting

You can use spread lights in the form of LED light bulbs to highlight the texture and details of your walls. Wall illumination involves two types of grazing techniques- wall washing and wall grazing. When it comes to the wall wash technique, the LED lighting fixture needs to be installed 12 inches away from the wall plane. On the other hand, wall grazing captures the texture of the wall more accurately as it is placed closer to the wall plane. If you like to keep it minimal, then LED strip lights are a great choice to get the best out of wall grazing. To make it look more dramatic, you can also employ moonlighting and silhouette lighting techniques along with wall lighting.https://www.voltlighting.com/article-landscape-lighting-techniques/p/article-lighting-techniques

Clean the filters

The main component that determines the efficiency of commercial exhaust fans is its filter. While maintaining a proper cleaning schedule, the filter is an important component that requires utmost attention. A clean filter absorbs the debris and smoke in an effective manner and improves the overall functions of your ventilation system. It also plays a huge role in enhancing the operations of the fan blades. Cleaning of your filters every quarter is advisable to increase the shelf life and maintain the productivity of your exhaust fans.


This is a landscape lighting technique used to illuminate exits and entrances using LED strip lights. Down-lighting can also be incorporated by using LED light bulbs in areas like roof tops, patio edges and garden walls. You can add a flair of mystery into your flower beds and bushes by placing the LED light fixtures across window panes, benches and counter tops. Apart from walls, down-lighting also works wonders for pathways and garages. LED lights employed around these architectural elements create a subtle glow during the night. https://www.voltlighting.com/article-landscape-lighting-techniques/p/article-lighting-techniques


Spotlighting is a lighting technique that focusses on a particular feature of your landscape. What is unique about spotlighting is that a single light source is exclusively dedicated to highlight a structure. By employing up-lighting and down-lighting at specific angles, this is a great lighting system suitable for various architectural elements like statues, water fountains or flag poles. You can choose the ideal LED lights and bulbs depending upon the type and location of the architectural element.https://www.voltlighting.com/article-landscape-lighting-techniques/p/article-lighting-techniques

Landscape lighting systems are not just for decoration and illumination. If they are employed in the right manner, they are the best lighting solutions to enhance the safety and security of your household. Depending upon the purpose and the location of the architectural element, you need to employ the right LED light fixtures to create the desired effect.

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