• 28/ Dec, 2018

Top light decorating ideas for your balcony


Balconies play a huge role in adding beauty and elegance to every living space. Generally, people use this space to indulge in a variety of activities such as enjoying fresh air and breeze, reading and playing games. It is a refreshing spot which takes you one step closer to nature, helping you soothe your body and soul.  Apart from the décor, lighting is an important aspect that has to be taken into consideration in order to improve the look and feel of your balcony. Below are a few light decorating ideas which you can incorporate to change the mood and setting of your balcony according to your needs:

String Lights

These are one of the most popular and common types of lights used in balconies.  Due to its flexible and strong nature, it can be implemented to create any kind of ambience ranging from a subtle setting to a gala party night. Additionally, string lights are aligned in a way to make installation and maintenance easy and hassle-free. A large number of tiny electric bulbs are connected in a series through an electrical wire. Sometimes, these light bulbs are wrapped up with rice paper to create the illusion of vibrant colours.

Fairy Lights

These lights will effortlessly uplift the aesthetics and beauty of your balcony. They are star-shaped and almost looks like twinkling stars at night. If you have a lot of greenery and potted plants in your balcony, then using fairy tale lights will make it almost look like a bunch of fireflies. One of the biggest advantages is that they are extremely flexible and can be operated by a battery. These can be easily wrapped around railings and trees. If you want to transform your balcony into a peaceful retreat, these fairy light decoration ideas for your home would be an excellent option.

LED Lights:

If you are looking for lighting options which can help you save electricity, then LED lights would be the best choice. They are extremely versatile and are easily available in different shapes, styles and sizes. Durability is the most striking feature of LED lighting solutions. You can easily twist these lights across the railings, walls and bushes. Also, it adds a magical and whimsical touch to the surroundings. If you wish to have a permanent lighting system for your balcony, then LED candle lights would be a viable option. What is unique about them is that they have a provision for a chargeable socket and can be used all through the year. Ideally, they are tiny candle shaped bulbs which can easily be switched on and off.

DIY light decorating ideas:

Here are some interesting DIY light decoration ideas for your home which can be made using household articles:

Colourful Jar lights: Take a few canning jars and paint them using translucent glass paints. Use wire chords to create a chain of colourful lights.

Paper Bag lanterns: Cut a few slits inside paper bags and enclose it with string lights. You can also attach a few ribbon strips of different colours to make it more vibrant

Dollar Store basket light: Insert a powerful bulb and a simple chain into a dollar basket. A cluster of dollar basket lights can be hung across the balcony walls.

Tin can lantern: Take a few tin cans with water and freeze them until it becomes solid ice. Create a design of your choice using a hammer and a nail. Illuminate your cans using LED candle lights.

Cupcake lights: Cut out an X on top of a cupcake liner and cover it around a light bulb. A string of lights can be created using these liners.

It is always important to have a clear image on the ambience that you want to create, so you can pick from the light decorating ideas of your choice. Also, if your balcony is very small, it is ideal to go for flush lights such as lantern.  Always remember to choose LED lights which are of good quality and fabrication like Finolex LED lights and transform your home into a heavenly abode.

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