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Do you know that one out of six electrocutions in India are caused due to the non-usage of proper electrical safety equipment? Apart from voltage fluctuations and environmental factors like thunder and lighting, undertaking electrical work without appropriate gadgets and safety precautions are also one of the major causes of electric shock. Be it electrical wiring, testing, maintenance or installation, using the right safety accessory not only ensures safety but also guides you to handle the electrical equipment in an efficient manner. Before you engage in the electrical wiring of your home, make sure you equip yourself with the following safety tools and accessories:

Insulated gloves

In most cases, home wiring involves working with live wires. Every task that you perform involves the use of hands. So, insulated gloves are one of the primary safety accessories that you need to possess to protect your hands from electric current. To prevent extreme cases of electrical hazards, it is always a good idea to have more than a single pair of insulated gloves. Since rubber is a non-conductor of electricity, rubber gloves are a great choice to avoid electric shock. You can also use cut resistant gloves made of leather that can give you protection against mechanical wear and tear. In case, if you are wiring your home in winter, you can choose a pair of cotton gloves to keep your hands warm and cosy.https://www.envirosafetyproducts.com/rubber-insulated-gloves-1000-volt.html

Protective glasses

Protective eyewear is not a choice while engaging in any kind of electrical activity. Since eyes are one of the most delicate sensory organs of your body, it is important to provide adequate attention and protection for them. From electrical sparks and drywall dust to debris, there are a plethora of foreign objects that can cause huge damage to your eyes. The best part about safety goggles is that it covers the entire area of the face around the eyes. Since these are protective glasses, they might not give a great aesthetic appeal to your face. In case you are concerned about how it will look on your face, you can opt for premium safety goggles that are sleek and stylish too.https://www.cableorganizer.com/learning-center/articles/must-have-electrician-tools.html

Hard hats

Home wiring often involves incorporating complex electrical systems at elevated areas. A hard hat is an important safety accessory that gives you proper protection against electric shock, especially in those areas where there are overhead energised conductors. Apart from electric shock and fire accidents, a potential head injury can also be caused due to many other factors like accidental falling or hitting on a barricade. If you are working adjacent to shelves and cupboards, objects might fall, and this might also cause severe head injury. Furthermore, there are multipurpose hard hats that are equipped with a variety of applications like reflective lights and face shields for welding.https://www.amazon.com/Safety-Works-818066-Hard-White/dp/B000BQSYL0

Earmuffs and Earplugs

Excessive noise from drilling can damage your ears and eventually lead to loss of hearing. This can be easily avoided by using a protective headgear called earmuffs. One of the biggest advantages of earmuffs is that they can be worn just like headphones and cover the outer ear completely. Since home wiring is a time consuming process, it is always advisable to wear a pair of earmuffs for a noise-free surrounding. During summer, an earmuff builds up humidity and causes discomfort for the user – which is when earplugs come to the rescue! What is great about earplugs is that they provide adequate protection to the ear canal rather than the outer ear. Also, they are light and easy to carry. The important factor to keep in mind while choosing an ear protection accessory is its dB rating that indicates the level of noise reduction. Depending upon the complexity of the electrical wiring activity, you can choose the ideal safety accessory for your ears.https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Black-Professional-Ear-Muff-90561-4DC/202670479


Voltage detector

Although it is mandatory to switch off the power before working on the wiring systems of your home, it is always a good idea to confirm whether your circuit is live. This is where voltage detectors come handy. There are two types of voltage detectors that can be employed for any electrical activity – non-contact voltage detectors and receptacles testers. Non-contact voltage detectors are more reliable and safer than receptacle testers. This is primarily because they can detect a live wire without making physical contact with the electrical wires. Also, they are extremely cheap and pocket-friendly. On the other hand, receptacle testers can give a false negative even when the wires are live. This happens when the receptacles in the tester are damaged.https://www.cableorganizer.com/learning-center/articles/must-have-electrician-tools.html

Gauged wire stripper

A wire stripper is a must-have tool to remove the insulation coating while rewiring your home. It is also a handy tool to strip the ends of the electrical wires to connect it with other terminals of the circuit. Due to the presence of sharp stripping notches, it can remove the insulation coating without causing any damage to the conductor. Ideally, two types of wire strippers are used for electrical wiring – manual and automatic. Manual wire strippers are ideal for experts who have prior knowledge in adjusting the electrical wires in appropriate proportions. If you a novice in electrical wiring, then you can you go in for an automatic wire stripper. Although these wire strippers work only for certain types of electrical wires, they can strip large wires in no time.https://www.cableorganizer.com/learning-center/articles/must-have-electrician-tools.html

Another great way to prevent electric shock is by using dielectric shoes and insulated matting. While undertaking any electrical activity, it is always a good idea to stand on a mat made of rubber. This is an effective safety precaution to protect yourself from electrical fires. It is important to double check on the specifications of every safety accessory so that it serves the right purpose.
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