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Top switch models and its significance


Electrical switches are an integral part of any household or an industrial circuit. These are devices used to control the flow of electrons in an electrical circuit. Due to their electromechanical nature, switches have the ability to break or connect an electric circuit either automatically or manually. They are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and colours. Here are a few common types of switches used in homes and commercial establishments.

Types of switches and its significance


Toggle Switches

What is unique about a toggle switch is that they have only one single output and input. The working mechanism of toggle switches is also very simple. They are made operational by pushing a lever through a small arc. Opening and closing of an electrical circuit takes place when you move the lever back and forth. The position of the lever helps us to understand the status of the circuit. Since these are extremely user-friendly, it is the most ideal for homes. Apart from this, it is also used in the electronic panels and instrumentation of machinery in industries.

Wall Switches

Lighting control is the main function of wall switches. They are specifically designed in such a way that it controls the line voltage inside electrical systems.  In addition to this, they also perform other functions such as controlling dimmers, fan speed and timers. This is the most popular type of switches used in homes. Wall switches for homes require good aesthetics as compared to the ones required for commercial establishments.  Two way, three way and four way are the other types of switches used in homes.

Thumbwheel Switches

Thumbwheel switches are also called push wheel switches. A rotatable wheel is the main characteristic feature of this type of switch. Electrical circuits can be easily operated using a wheel. The wheel exhibits a numeric value according to the position of the switch. The various specifications of these switches are the type of the output code, cut-out dimensions of the panel and the actuator. These are employed on a large scale for manufacturing computers, flight controls, testing controllers and other equipment in industrial units.

Slide switches

As the name suggests, slide switches help you control an electrical system by sliding from one position to another. These are an economical option for electrical circuits which require a large number of switches for smooth operation.  In commercial establishments, slide switches are normally used as on/off buttons or simply as a power control switch.

Rotary Switches

Rotary switches are of great significance in controlling the power circuits in residential complexes. The special feature of a rotary switch is that it can be used for multiple functions due to the availability of discrete indicators and stops. They are also one of the most user-friendly switches as it allows the user to understand whether the system is functional in just a glance. Also, the switch position can be easily verified. Rotary switches are also commonly known as paddle switches.

Pull chain switches

A pull chain switch is an ideal option when there is a need to step up a circuit according to increasing power levels.  They are extensively used in lighting devices such as electric bulbs, lamps and fans. Most of the emergency stop buttons in electrical gadgets work in the same principle as that of pull chain switches. For this reason, these are also referred to as rope pulls or cable pulls.  Some other common types of switches used in industrial applications are pressure switches, push button switches and membrane switches.

Be it your home or office, every electronic gadget is incomplete without a switch. Your gadgets cannot function properly if you have an improper switch to operate it. Always remember to select a switch according to the nature of your appliance or gadget. Also, it is highly imperative that you buy electrical switches which are of good quality with proper fabrication such as Finolex electric switches. Installation should also be given utmost importance. It is always ideal to hire a qualified electrician for the installation in order to ensure electrical safety.

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