Most of the gadgets and devices associated with our day-to-day activities require a smooth and steady flow of electric supply. However, a variety of factors can hamper the stability of power in your locality. One of the most important issues is voltage fluctuation.

In simple terms, voltage fluctuation is a continuous change in the voltage when devices or appliances that require a higher load are extensively used. Extreme cases of voltage fluctuation can cause heavy damage to your life and property. As a safety measure, it is important to investigate the root cause of the voltage fluctuation in your household or office.

Poor supply of Electricity

There could be a number of reasons for the unstable flow of electricity across a building. For example, it could be due to a corroded, loose connection in your building or even at the transmission lines.  Additionally, using a low capacity transmitter to transfer power from the main supply can cause the improper flow of electricity.  Also, if you have any faulty electrical appliance, it draws more electric current than usual, resulting in huge voltage fluctuations and electric shock.

Natural Causes

One of the most common causes of voltage fluctuation is an obstruction in the transmission lines. Obstructions are mostly caused by natural factors such as thunder, lightning, fallen trees and heavy rains. In the case of lightning and thunder, complete power shutdown can be observed. A sudden drop in the voltage can occur if an animal or a bird sits on a power cable. This accidental dip in the voltage level leads to extreme power surges or brownouts. Power surges cause huge damage to electrical gadgets such as televisions, computers and air conditioners. Attaching a voltage fluctuation protection device like Finolex MCBs will help you deal with sudden power surges.

Wiring Issues

Improper wiring can also lead to irregular electric supply and voltage fluctuations. If the electric wires are not fabricated properly, it will not have the capacity to hold the necessary amount of power required for the entire building.  Insects, pests and animals also cause damage of wires. Always watch out for the ungrounded outlets in your electrical system as it leads to heavy leakage of electricity. Generally, fluctuation problems are caused by poor wiring, so it is always advisable to take professional help. Additionally, it is always a good idea to use electric wires which are branded and of good quality like Finolex wires and cables.


Serious power variations can be experienced when you connect too many sensitive gadgets and appliances in the same circuit. For instance, tiny gadgets such as ovens, hair dryers and electric irons can create power surges to the circuit in which they are operating. This can be easily identified from the flickering of lights in these devices. This process is called interference. An ideal solution to this problem is removing the malfunctioning appliance from the existing circuit and connecting it to another circuit with no overload. Furthermore, incorporating MCBs in your electrical systems can help a great deal in reducing instances of interference.

Voltage fluctuations at home generally develop at the main power line or any of its junctions. The metal used in making these connections will easily get damaged due to winds, rains etc. In such a case, it is always advisable to take the help of your power company for its repair and maintenance. Also, it is always important to use electrical materials that are designed and fabricated properly. Head out to Finolex for high-quality electrical products and protect your home.

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