• 24 /Feb, 2018

Choosing the Right-size Fan for Your Room

If you are having a hard time deciding what size ceiling fan you need for your room, then you are not alone! With so many variables and options available in the market, selecting the perfect fan can be a little more time-consuming task than you thought. Right from the brand to performance and from style to décor, one needs to analyse numerous factors before taking the final call!

Ceiling fans are usually offered in a range of sizes, starting from small-sized 500 mm blade span to large sizes ranging from 1200 mm to beyond. But simply buying any blade fan wouldn’t be enough for your room! As there are variety of designs and décor option for fans, a simple ceiling fan will fail to impress you. Today, we just don’t use fans as a machine to circulate air and keep us cool but with all the designer fans in the maket, also see them as an important accessory that can add grace to our rooms, compliment with the décor and save money on our energy bills.

Size of the room

While choosing the right fan size, we need to look at each and every aspect of the ceiling fan and room. The ideal size of the fan depends on the size of the room. For smaller size rooms like bedrooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. fans with 900 mm blade sweep are more than sufficient. For larger rooms like living rooms, master bedrooms and dining areas etc. it is best to opt for fans with 1200 mm blade span.

Height of the room

The second thing, we need to keep in mind is the ceiling height. Though the size of the room is important, the height of the room is another aspect which can’t be ignored. For spaces with tall ceiling, the fan with down rod is advisable. On the other hand, rooms with particularly low height ceilings, a flush- mount ceiling fan will be the ideal pick.

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