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Most of the new houses today are highly isolated and almost airtight. While this is great in terms of energy bills that are cost-effective, the downside to tightly insulated homes is poor indoor air quality. Since windows and doors are usually kept closed during the day, moisture and stale air that can carry impurities and bacteria circulate inside the house. This causes various problems, including dust mites, health problems, ruined furniture, peeling paint, etc. Hence, it is essential to take a step towards improving the quality of the indoor air. You can do so by installing exhaust ventilation fans. The primary function of an exhaust fan is to help extract the impure air and bring in fresh air thereby improving the air quality. They are also an efficient and affordable installment.

Let us take a look at the types of exhaust fans available in the market.

Exhaust fans for Kitchen

Kitchen exhaust fans help you receive better ventilation and get rid of all the smoke and fumes caused by the cooking in your kitchen. It also keeps the stale air, dirt, and steam away and keeps your kitchen carefree. These exhaust fans are mounted over the kitchen stove inside the hood or window area and reduce moisture levels in your cooking area. Finolex exhaust fans are one of the best in their range of kitchen exhaust fans. Gladiator and Smash are the two types which have a sturdy metal body and a higher air delivery.

Exhaust fans for Bathroom

Moisture will undoubtedly build upon the surface of your bathroom tiles and mirrors after taking a bath or a shower. The installation of an exhaust fan in your bathroom ensures that the moisture caused by washing is quickly eliminated. Besides, bathroom exhaust fans are generally smaller and cheaper than any other exhaust fans on the market. The exhaust fans help keep the bathroom ventilated and smelling fresh.  Finolex bathroom exhaust fans come with silent operation and higher air delivery. Finfresh Co-Axial, Finfresh Axial Nuvo, Finfresh and Finfresh Axial are the types of bathroom exhaust fans offered in this range.

Exhaust fans for Industrial use

Exhaust fans are a necessity for any industrial plant which produces harmful air pollutants in a close or small area with workers in it. Exhaust fans used for an industrial purpose have a high energy efficient motor which helps in vibration-free and smooth operation. These fans are utmost vital as they keep the air employees breath clean, which makes the working environment safe and comfortable. It also provides improved temperature controls and reduces the risk of fire in the plant. Finolex offers a higher air thrust and smooth operation HD

Exhaust Nuvo for industrial use.

Indoor air often contains pollutants, odour, moisture, and dust. Exhaust fans help combat these air pollutants keeping the air surrounding us fresh to inhale. Finolex exhaust fans range has many options to choose from. The range includes Light Duty fans, Heavy Duty Fans, and High-Speed fans. Also, the metal series has bird guards and automatic louver shutters in the fresh air series.


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