• 11 /May, 2018

How to use the Cool White LED light effectively?

The two common types of LED lights used in homes and offices are Warm White and Cool White light. Cool White LED light is an artificially more-whiter light that is effectively used in retail shopping outlets, offices and are useful in household working areas like laundries and garages. Cool White light is usually in lesser demand for domestic use and it measures between 5000K (Kelvin) and 6500K.

Although choosing the colour temperature of your light depends a lot on your personal choice, it’s always best to understand the utilities and effectiveness of the light in places you wish to use them. Cool White light has a higher percentage of blue colour in it, which makes it brighter and more effective in places where you need more illumination. The best place to use Cool White light in your home is your kitchen, bathroom, study and the inside of your cupboards. In commercial spaces like offices and retail outlets, Cool White light is effective depending upon the kind of ambience you would like to create.

If you intend to highlight your interiors and the contemporary and modern décor of your home, Cool White light is the right choice for you. It casts a fresh clear glow that enhances the entire appearance of your home. At the office or in any professional setting, it’s important to have bright lights that grab your attention and puts your focus on the work that you are doing. In retail spaces, the lights help to highlight the products on display.

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