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Copper is the most commonly found chemical element at home and is particularly used for household’s wiring. It can also be spotted in electrical appliances and in the kitchen in the form of cutlery and bottles. Cold to touch with a rust-orange lustre, copper is affordable and is found virtually everywhere.

  • Good conductor of electricity:
  • A copper wire is used for almost everything electrical-related at home because it is a good conductor of electricity. Its metallic properties enable the wires to carry more electrical current per diameter of the copper wire. A solid copper wire can withstand extreme climate conditions and lasts longer, thanks to it being made of favourable chemicals. Its flexibility makes it stretch longer but ensures it doesn’t break or weaken. No wonder many say it’s the most reliable option for wiring homes.

  • Preferred all over the world:
  • The use of copper is preferred globally. All around the world, copper wires are used as they are compatible with most building structures and appliances. Furthermore, they are convenient, easily accessible and are manufactured by multiple companies worldwide.

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures:
  • Given its chemical properties, the copper wire can pass current from one place to another, even when the temperature wavers from low to extremely high voltage.

  • Affordable:
  • An economically affordable conductor of electricity, copper wire is the popular choice for most electrical-related work and is certainly a lot less expensive compared to other metals. Its energy-efficient properties make it the preferred option with appliance manufacturers and consumers.

Where does the copper electrical wire feature at home?

Copper electrical wires are super easy to work with and installed bearing in mind their durability and ductility. Without copper wires, most electrical work and appliances wouldn’t even make it to our homes. Their high conductivity properties, tensile strength and resistance to corrosion ensure that they last long. They are commonly found in everyday items, including telephone cables. Here are the typical uses of the copper electrical wire at home:

  • Power distribution at home
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and hence, the preferred electrical wiring for underground transmission lines. Since they aren’t too big, bulky or heavy, they manage to save a lot of space, reduce power losses and can withstand lower cable temperatures. For the transmission of power, they can be installed inside and outside the building. That is why copper wires are used for both power generation and transmission.

  • Telecommunications
  • Owing to its conductive properties, the copper wire is a commonly used material in telecommunications. It all started way back when fax machines were popular. This soon trickled down to telephone lines, printers, scanners, etc. Currently, it is popularly used in the installation of internet Connections. While optic fibre is slowly taking over, the copper wire for broadband is far from fading away considering they are still being used for HDSL (High Digital Subscriber Line) and ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines).

  • Air conditioners
  • Copper has a high heat transfer coefficient, making it a terrific heat exchanger. The best part is, copper barely needs replacement as it lasts long. Copper is typically made into a coil and used inside the air conditioner. While some would prefer aluminium, copper has a longer shelf life and is much stronger. Moreover, it reduces the cost of replacement. So whenever the AC needs upkeep and maintenance, copper coils’ durability makes it easier and cheaper to take care.

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Step into the kitchen and you will find appliances that are powered by copper electrical wires. The mixer grinder that churns out delicious smoothies and chutneys? Its essential parts include solid copper wire. Or the thin brush used to clean gas stoves? That’s made of thin copper wire. Or even the simple kettle that instantaneously heats the water for your coffee? Its heater is made of copper. And the best part is these copper electrical wires are more than 99.9% pure, so rest assured if the appliance does break down, it certainly won’t be because of the copper wire.

  • Security uses
  • When it comes to safety, especially taking CCTV cameras into account, their cable types rely on copper plates and wiring for better signal quality, ensuring it works seamlessly for a long time. For CCTV cameras, the copper plate helps in faster transmission of data. Insulated copper wires are also used for better audio purposes. That way Finolex is known for its good quality wires and cables, which are made of 99.97 % pure copper, all made in-house.

  • Other uses
  • Not many know this, but copper wire isn’t just restricted to electrical purposes. At home, one is bound to find copper not only in their wiring but also as jewellery and utensils. Copper, since it is nearly 100 per cent pure, is known to battle bacteria, fungi and other living organisms. They act as allergens and are typically used for hygienic purposes, especially in hospitals.

    Moreover, copper jewellery is fashionable too and is safe to wear as they are usually lacquered. Electric copper has fewer impurities when compared to metallic copper; so using it for jewellery and aesthetic reasons such as lighting (for fairy lights) are a popular choice. Storing water in copper bottles is said to improve one’s immunity and has healing properties. Even copper utensils, according to various Ayurvedic texts, are known to be one of the best materials to transmit energy and make water more positively charged.

    Electrical copper wire is perhaps the most ubiquitous household material at home. It’s found in almost everything electrical related and supersedes every other chemical element at home. Copper and aluminium are commonly used electrical elements, but perhaps copper is a lot easier to rely on and guarantees a good run. For your house, you deserve the best of quality and we have just that. Head out to Finolex for the best of electrical wires, cables and products!

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