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Employing the right lighting technique is not only crucial to accentuate the beauty of your interior design, but it is also equally important to highlight the architecture marvel of your exteriors. Using LED light fixtures to highlight the different aspects of your garden or yard is a great way to improve the overall mood lighting of your home. Landscape lighting is the technique that is commonly used to decorate your exteriors. If employed in the right manner, various types of landscape lighting can transform your garden from basic to bling. Before you use LED lighting fixtures in your garden, here a few considerations that you need to take into account:Power sockets are an inevitable part of our homes as it ensures constant power supply to all the electrical appliances. When it comes to residential usage, different types of electrical plugs come to play depending upon the current rating, nature of the equipment, size and design. Proper maintenance is crucial to enhance the longevity of your power sockets. A damaged power socket not only interrupts the supply of electricity for your homes, but, it also develops electrical hazards like fire accidents that require extensive remedial work. If your electrical outlets are not powering your appliances, then it’s high time you replace them. Below is a list of warning signs that you need to constantly watch out for:

Improper functioning of appliances

The functions of your electrical appliances might be interrupted frequently if they are connected to a faulty power socket. In such a case you should first check whether the appliance itself is faulty. This can be done by connecting it to another electrical outlet. If the appliance is working fine, it means that your need to replace your power sockets. This is a clear indication that the electrical outlet is either damaged or worn out.

Flickering lights

Flickering of lights is usually attributed to loose connections, but it also happens when your electrical outlets are faulty. This means that your plug sockets are unable to withstand the load of the electrical appliances due to outdated design and mechanical wear and tear. Such power sockets are highly vulnerable to short circuits that cause heavy damage to your life and property. It is a good idea to invest in a new power socket model that is of superior quality and delivers high performance.

Loose wiring

Your power sockets get overheated when the electrical wiring of the terminals is not proper. Power sockets with loose wiring have an abnormal amount of heat build-up which can lead to major electrical hazards. Overheated electrical wires in the power socket also trips off your circuit breakers. One of the major reasons for loose wiring in plug sockets is low maintenance. When there is no proper maintenance, the plug sockets lose their gripping power and the exposed contact points builds-up resistance and heat on the connecting wires and cables.

Falling of plug sockets

In a majority of households, it is a common observation to see your plug sockets falling out when electrical appliances are plugged in. Sometimes, you plug in your phone charger, and the electric plug slides out of the outlet holes. Such a condition occurs due to constant plugging and unplugging of electrical devices from outlets. Over time, the spring mechanism of your plug sockets gets damaged and it loses its ability to fit in the electrical device. This also indicates that it’s time to replace or upgrade the electrical plugs in your household.

Cracks and corrosion

Sometimes the plastic insulation covering the electrical outlets develop cracks and eventually allow debris and other dust particles to accumulate inside the socket holes. When an electrical device is inserted into a power socket filled with debris, it leads to the formation of an electric arc. This is an extremely dangerous situation as it can lead to electric shock and fire accidents of high intensity. Accumulation of dust and debris, in the long run, leads to corrosion of the electrical outlets. It is always advisable to not plug in any of your devices to a corroded plug socket until it is removed and replaced.

Sparks and burning smells

Your power socket requires immediate attention if you hear buzzing, popping or cracking sounds. Such a condition might require professional help, and so it is always advisable to take the help of an electrician to get your power socket replaced. Burning smells are observed if the power sockets are corroded. The accumulation of debris and other particles causes overheating and eventually burns it off. Be it a spark or a burning smell; it is better to switch off the power supply immediately to avoid electrical fires.

Improper grounding of outlets

While inspecting your electrical outlets, you need to check if they are two-pronged or three-pronged. The power sockets with two prongs or holes are ungrounded. On the other hand, plug sockets with three prongs are grounded and ensure adequate electrical safety for your household. The greatest advantage of having a three pronged power socket is that it shuts off the electric current when there is a voltage fluctuation. It is always a good idea to invest in three pronged outlets so that your home is properly grounded and protected from electrocution.

When it comes to power sockets, it is highly important to install tamper-resistant power sockets to protect your children from getting electrocuted. With such a power socket, children cannot insert their hands or any other foreign objects into the socket holes.
Make your home safe and secure by using the premium range of power sockets from Finolex switches. Finoswitch is one of the well-known consumer brands in India known for its safety, durability and long shelf life.

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