• 31/Aug, 2018

Which is the Best Coaxial Cable for CCTV Camera Installations?

CCTV installation can be one of the most confusing tasks if you don’t know what’s the best fit. Here all some simple tips for selection.

A normal CCTV system consists of many components and connecting them properly results in high quality and optimum transmission.

For many years, RG59/RG6 coaxial cables have been ruling this industry.


Image Source : https://finolex.com


Best Cable for CCTV installations

CCTV cables utilise a copper centre conductor with a foamed or insulated dielectric, the braiding must be of a high percentage. There are generally three types of wires which you can use for CCTV installations:

RG59, which is a 20Awg type wire

RG6, which is an 18Awg type wire

RG11, which is a 14Awg type wire

Image Source : https://finolex.com

All these types of wires have either a foaming-based dielectric or insulated dielectric systems. Foaming ensures that there, is a reduction of the capacitance and an increment in the velocity of propagation of electrons is made possible. Finolex RG59 coaxial cable comes with superior gas injected foam insulation and gives a better signal integrity throughout the transmission length.

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For CCTV cameras, we require a copper conductor having more than 95% pure copper. And Finolex coaxial cables come with a solid electrolytic grade which is 99.97% pure copper which is manufactured in-house and is perfect to use for CCTV cameras.


Finolex Cables come with an aluminum braiding which provides more than 60% covering to the inner core. A good braiding provides you noise free and non-penetrated video signals which is necessary for safety and security reasons.

Understand your requirements

Understanding your requirements and needs before you actually buy a complete setup for CCTV installation can help you save your time, money and energy. A CCTV video signal is generally categorized in two ways- one is a low-frequency component and the other one is a high-frequency component which is used for video transmission.

Image Source : SolidSignal.com

For CCTV frequency, RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables are recommended from Finolex Wires and Cables for optimum performance, non-distorted and noise-free video transmission.

Since you have understood the specifications, let’s differentiate among these wires.

Difference between RG59 and RG6 wires

RG59 wire is generally thinner as compared to RG6 wire. Both the wires have copper inner core and aluminum/copper braiding. RG6 wire has a thicker insulation and braiding. Thus, it can be used to transmit signals to a much longer distance as compared to RG59. RG59 is better suited for offices and interiors, whereas RG6 is better suited for complete surveillance of a building or parts of cities. Generally, RG6 is used by city authorities, administrations, police authorities, and RG59 is used in societies, flats, and buildings.

We hope that with the above information you will be able to make the right choice for your CCTV. Remember- no compromise on safety.

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