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The tankless water heater also called the on-demand water heater, offers the convenience of hot water to homeowners whenever necessary. Maintaining your water heater on a regular basis will keep your family warm and comfortable at any given time around the year. The size and efficiency of these water heaters are what that makes them popular. We usually avoid giving the maintenance of our water heater a severe thought until there is a problem. However, following a regular check on the unit will save you from inconvenience and costly repairs. Let’s keep our checklist in order, so we don’t miss out on the hot showers.

 Reduce the temperature

Maintaining your water heater is essential as you also save energy. Using a lower temperature setting will help reach that temperature faster. The water heater working becomes lesser than usual as the temperature is reduced which in return will increase its lifespan. Besides, warm water instead of boiling water in the rod reduces the chance of accidental burning. One can save up to 5% in energy costs for every 10 degrees you lower the temperature.

Turning off the water heater when not in use

In general, you will find people keeping the water heater switched on for extended periods especially during the mornings. This is because everyone needs warm water before rushing to work or school and keeping the geyser on saves time. This may have been the case before, but today’s water heater heats the water in five minutes. Keeping the heater switched on for an extended period can reduce the life of the equipment. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your water heater.

Check the Plugs

If you use low capacity wiring for the power socket, there will be power fluctuations and sparks occasionally. You will also notice burn marks on the pins of your plug, as the higher power wattage heats the plug and the pins and leaves burning traces.

Always use good quality and new products which have been wired and plugged in correctly. Usage of MCB switch over a regular one is a better option as MCBs prevent any short-circuits from occurring. Switching the heater on only when you need it and switching it off immediately once done, can also help prevent the unnecessary heating.

Check the Anode Rod

Water heaters usually have an anode rod which is an anti-corrosion rod. The function of this rod is to attract rust and impurities which are present in the water. This prevents the tank from rusting or corroding. After a few years, the anode rod corrodes because of this process.  It is advisable to check the anode rod every three years to see if it has corroded. If you witness any sediments or corrosion on the rod, it has to be replaced.

Get it checked annually

Various minerals settle at the bottom of the tank over some time. These sediments harm the working of your heater and reduce its efficiency to perform. If these go unchecked, they can rust your tank over a short period and shorten the lifespan of your water heater. Getting your water heater checked by a professional annually can save you from dealing with constant repairs and save you the right amount.

Usage of proper wires, plugs, and sockets can help the water heater run safely and efficiently. Finolex Cables is known to provide top quality products which include MCBs. Using an MCB switch over regular ones can prevent any short circuits from occurring, keeping the surroundings safe.

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